New York Fashion Week Spring ’10. Backstage at ADAM.

September 12, 2009 • New York Fashion Week Spring '10

Backstage with MAC at Milk Studios before the ADAM Spring '10 show

Despite the cloudy gloom settled over New York today, the panoramic windows of MAC's makeup room at Milk Studios provided enough watery light to channel thoughts of spring amidst the autumn drizzle. Of course,it helped that I was listening to the makings of the beach-themed, European-inspired look created by MAC for ADAM's Spring '10 runway show. Lead makeup artist Romy Soleimani explained that the Spring '10 ADAM girl was young, rich and aristocratic gearing up for seaside vacations in Italy and France. To play off the sleek, minimal and universally wearable designs featured in the show, Soleimani wanted to create a look that was equally effortless and unfussy.

MAC's lead makeup artist for the ADAM show, Romy Soleimani

The color palette for the skin, she explained, was tawny, bronzed, and clean without being too matte. To create the sun kissed look, artists were using MAC's Matte Bronze in C5 all over the face, forehead, nose, and chin, with just a touch of Refined Deeper Bronze on the cheekbones to look more flushed.


On the eyes the main shadow used was Modelette, a light beige gold with crushed metal pigments, swept over the lids with MAC's #219 brush. A dab of Brushed Metal, a pigment/glitter hybrid shadow which will come out next spring, was dabbed in the inner corners for an extra bit of shine. The models' brows were filled in, defined with brow set gel and no mascara was used to enhance the more natural look.



MAC makeup artists applying various parts of the natural, sun-kissed look for ADAM

The lips were covered with a sheer, velvety matte MAC Lipstick in the rosy shades of Touch or Fresh Brew, depending on model's natural color. No gloss or liner was used to make the lip look quick and effortless.


The body was covered with MAC's Sundressing, a special body mousse which rubs on sheer to prevent a thick, cakey look and leaves a dewey finish to play off of the luminosity of the face.

The wealth of products used to create the look!

For hair, Barex Italiana stepped up to add the finishing touches in the form of tousled, wavy locks. Lead stylist Yannick D explained that all the girls' hair would be down and parted in the middle for the ultimate beach babe look. He wanted to achieve a sort of controlled messiness for the maximum amount of movement. He explained that after using a diffuser to dry hair, he applied Barex Tricolife Serum, which provided smoothness without weighing the hair down. The only other product used to complete the simple look was Barex Gloss Hairspray that supplied medium hold and allowed more bounce. After the products were applied, sections of hair were twisted in order to make the products hold.



Lead Barex stylist Yannick D (top) dries a model's hair for a tousled, straight-from-the-beach look
while other Barex stylists twist and dry for maximum product hold

Once the models were finished they perused the backstage area, nibbling on snacks, and relaxing. It was almost a shame to see the beautiful, bronzed looks created by MAC and the tousled hair of Barex and then look outside and not see a stretch of gleaming, Mediterranean sand!

Photo Source: Second City Style
-Alia Rajput

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