New York Fashion Week Spring ’10. Edition by Georges Chakra Illustrates What Lies Ahead.

September 12, 2009 • New York Fashion Week Spring '10

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Summary: While many designers at this season's shows have been looking backward for inspiration, taking cues from styles and trends made famous in the past, Georges Chakra seems to be a pioneer of a new movement: looking forward to the future. Chakra's Spring '10 Edition collection combines the smooth, liquidy shapes and sheer, lightweight fabrics commonly associated with spring, anchored with modernistic details like bands of silver leather, metallic stone embellishments, and bust and shoulder "points" (a stiff gathering of fabric that slightly resembles the structure of a curtain rod). Yet despite some of the more severe accents, Chakra maintained the collection's vernal feel with a cheery palette of rose-pink, lime apple, and yellow, offset with a sprinkling of Swarovski crystal detailing and fabulous beaded bib collars. There was also the elegance of classic Grecian gowns in tulle and chiffon,
updated with silver leather snaking along bodices and layers upon
layers of sheer, billowing skirts. Chakras seemed to bring in classic elements of draping and proportion, without compromising the unique innovation of his designs. It truly seemed like a portal into the dressed up stylings of the not too distant future, though some of the pieces were a bit reminiscent of kitschy, Barabrella-type spacesuits in bright, plastic-y lame. But whatever Trekkie-like components may have popped up in the form of a space age-looking asymmetrical minidress or shantung pantsuit, Chakras did succeed in showing us crucial components of what to expect in the next realm of designer fashion.

Color Palette: pistachio, silver, rose-pink, yellow, black, lime apple, pastel-yellow, bronze, white, green, aqua, powder blue, sky, blue, pink, mosaic, beige, off-white, deep pink, gold, metallic

Fabrics and Textures: crepe, leather, pearl, satin, chiffon, perforated cotton, taffeta, shantung, sequins, lame, drape, silk, organza, draped, knotted, multi-layer, griege, stripes, bows, bust-shoulder, pleats, metal, Swarovski crystal, jeweled, ruffles, sheer ruffles, stone, beading, stones

Key Looks: aqua shantung pantsuit with ruffles, shantung griege skirt suit with black and white contrast stripes, short strapless Mosaic sequined dress in white, ivory, silver, and bronze, off white crepe strapless drape gown with silver stone, asymmetrical satin pink gown with stone embellishments, organza white sheer top, mermaid cut black silk skirt

-Alia Rajput

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