Reminiscent Fashions

September 13, 2009 • Magazine

Reminiscent Fashions

Reminiscent Fashions

Sun, 2009-09-13 11:00

Bonnie J Brown

It’s always a good thing to return to your roots, to remember where you came from. Be they haughty or humble beginnings, they are indicators of who we are and who we will become. In Lanvin’s fall 2009 ready-to-wear collection the knotted bows, biased cuts, beaded details and no nonsense materials project an air of nostalgia for bygone days when Jeanne Lanvin, founding and original designer for Lanvin, reigned.

While the House of Lanvin began in the early 1900’s, (making it the oldest fashion house that is still in production today) her women’s collection was most popular during the 1930’s. Her patrons were often amongst the wealthiest Europe had to offer. Lanvin’s intricate adornments and bold embroidery and bead work became a theme in her garments. Along with Coco Chanel, her clothing may have been considered the epitome of French fashion, with its simple elegant lines and chic feminine aura. Lanvin also realized that her clothing, when worn, should not only look beautiful, but function as well. She was able to give women the chance to be mobile in their clothing options. The fact that she added a men’s ready-to-wear line to the fashion house indicates her ability to not only drape fabric but also tailor garments as well.

Even though Lanvin’s fall 2009 collection has a bit of a 1940’s look, Alber Elbaz, Lanvin’s current head designer, is still able to project the aesthetic that Jeanne Lanvin may have created herself. The beading and elegant silhouettes are still prominent and so is the functionality of the clothes. While the looks may be retro in spirit, the garments themselves are truly timeless, a theme that continues in Lanvin’s designs.

1. Jeanne Lanvin Evening Dress, 1939
2. Jeanne Lanvin Evening Ensemble, 1934
3. Jeanne Lanvin Evening Jacket, 1936-37
4. Jeanne Lanvin 1930 Velvet Dress, 1930’s
5. Jeanne Lanvin Evening Gown, 1935
6. Jeanne Lanvin Automobile Ensemble, 1920’s
7. Lanvin Fall Ready-to-Wear 2009
8. Lanvin Fall Ready-to-Wear 2009
9. Lanvin Fall Ready-to-Wear 2009
10. Lanvin Fall Ready-to-Wear 2009
11. Lanvin Fall Ready-to-Wear 2009

Image Layout: La Tonya Williams

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