Celebrity Style Smackdown. Who Wore It Best?

September 25, 2009 • Celebrity Style

Grab a seat ringside! It has been far to long since we attended the fights…

Diane Kruger vs. Shantel VanSanten in Chanel

Winner: This one is a toss up. Why? Granted I like the length a little shorter like on Shantel, but when she shortened her dress the waist detail raised too and is not falling properly. It doesn't drape as well as it does on Diane. I also like Diane's shoe choice better with this dress. Had Diane shortened her dress a mere couple of inches she would have been the clear winner.

Marion Cotillard vs. Maria Sharapova in Elie Saab

Winner: Maria wins. This dress looks much better shorter and with cap sleeves. I also prefer the black booties to the too matchy-matchy shoes Marion is wearing.

Megan Fox vs. Anna Paquin in a Herve Leroux

Winner: Megan Fox. Man, I would hate to go up against Megan Fox in any category. Anna sadly didn't really stand a chance. However, this dress is a lot better with less sheer and the sleeves lopped off. In fact, it doesn't even look like the same dress.

Hayden Panettiere vs. Madonna in a Caroline Seikaly dress

Winner: Hayden by a few rounds. Listen, there comes a time when a woman should face her age. Madonna passed it years ago which is why we love her. Yet sometimes it produces disastrous results like the getup pictured above. The leather jacket is wrong for the dress and covers most of it up. Not to mention the thigh-high boots are competing with the lace. A woman in her 50's should not be wearing a sheer lace dress that requires matching underwear for the world to see. Sorry.

Shakira vs. Pink in Balmain

Winner: Frankly I don't care for either look, but Pink is going to win by default. Shakira has a little too much leather going on with the thigh high boots. It's a lot of look. However, if Pink decided to sit in this dress, it's going to be scary.

Lauren Conrad vs. Michelle
Trachtenberg in a Rebecca Minkoff blouse.

Winner: Lauren. They both showed up to the designer's NY Fashion Week show in the same top which normally might be embarrassing, but is par for the course during Fashion Week. After all it is polite to wear the designer's clothes to the show, especially if one is a celeb and gets it for free. Anywho, Michell looks rather boring. Lauren's skinny leather pants and light blue bag punch up the look.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Photos: People.com

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