Project Runway Season 6 Episode 6: We’re Off To The Movies…Memorable Quotes from Last Night’s Episode.

September 25, 2009 • Lifestyle


This week our designers got their bonafide Hollywood challenge—design a dress for a character in a specific film genre. Each designer
chose from 5 genres: Sci-Fi, Western, Period Piece, Film Noir and
Action Adventure. Although Epperson and Shirin were worried about
drawing Western, I thought Nicholas and Ra'Mon may have set themselves
up for failure with Sci-Fi. At Mood, Ra'Mon choose a neon green pleather
that pretty much sealed the deal on his failure for me. In the work
room, Carol Hannah loved on Logan, Nicholas ventured to Narnia with an
Ice Queen outfit, and Ra'Mon scrapped his design with two hours left.
On the runway, Michael and Nina were still absent—replaced by John
and Zoe Glassner, who were joined by Arianne Phillips, costume
designer for Walk The Line. Surprisingly, I thought the judges made a
much better decision with the top three this week, and I thought any of
them could have won. Epperson's western look with a Cold Mountain-esque
story was powerful and cool, and Christopher's vampire bride was
looking good even though she wasn't exactly historically accurate. But
Nicholas took home the prize with his frozen interstellar queen,
finally making lace and white fabric work for him. The bottom was a little
less clear. While I love Carol Hannah, I thought her female assassin
looked like a vinyl clad hooker. But Louise with a lackluster film noir
dress, Ra'Mon with his half-finished, home sewn dress, and Gordana with a too-plain flapper dress wound up in the
bottom. Although Gordana's was a too literal 20s dress and Louise's was
a snoozefest, Ra'Mon went home for another rushed garment.

Did you think it was fair judging this week? Does anyone else think
Collier Strong might be a cyborg? Did you think the clearly-smitten
John Varvatos was openly hitting on Matar on the runway? Do you think
Ra'Mon's creativity should have made up for his poor execution? Sound off!

Nicolas – The Winner





Ra'Mon – You're out!

And now, your quotes!

I don't know who decided that Logan and I should have tables next to
each other, because it is really distracting… he's really hot
. –
Carol Hannah

I am a diehard Trekkie. – Ra'mon

Do I really need immunity? I have the feeling I could live without it right now. – Irina

Do I wish we had two days? Hell yeah I do. – Ra'mon

This is like its own little detective movie. – Carol Hannah

This could be sublime or it could be a big hot mess. – Tim to Ra'mon

She is one of the three sister-queens who control the universe and is
thinking about overthrowing the other two sisters. Unfortunately, the
other two sisters find out, and they banish her to a crypt where she's
frozen for eternity.
– Nicholas on his character 

I think it's
interesting that you have a decade within a decade, and for me that's
what this looks like, a little bit of a convoluted mess. I just think
it looks a little cheap, and this is gonna sound harsh, but  it looks
little like a french maid uniform.
– Zoe

It looks like a snoozefest, I'm bored. – Zoe

It looks to me a little like Swamp Thing, a B movie or something, I wrote down shoddily made. – Zoe

Hot green mess. – Heidi

Matar, you can manage my farm anytime. – John Varvatos

It was shambles, really, I hate to say it. – John Varvatos

Risky and ambitious but unfortunately, no banana. – Arianne

Until next week!

– Hayley Wells

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  1. silvermine says:

    You know, I was mad about Gordana being in the bottom for a while, but just looking at it again right now, her model looks like a really hot 60 year old. I mean, some of the other models look sort of older, but Gordana’s just, whoa. I’m sure that poor girl is not even remotely as old as she looks in the picture.

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