WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

September 25, 2009 • Celebrity Style

It seems like the Emmys have been talked to death this week—and yet we just can't seem to stop!

Patricia Arquette at the Primetime Emmys in Hollywood

Comment: Although many of the more atrocious looks have been picked apart to the bones, I just thought I'd throw in a couple that may have been missed. Patricia Arquette, for one, may have slid under the radar because at first glance, her gown does not seem all that bad. Yet if she wanted to try the structural shoulder craze, she should have sprung for the other one. The asymmetry of the sleeve just looks awkward, made more so by the fact that she looks smooshed into the bodice and  particularly uncomfortable overall.

She's Thinking: This is why I stopped going to these things.

Jessica Lowndes at the Primetime Emmys in Hollywood

Comment: Lowndes is still fairly new to the red carpet, we'll give her that. But the quickest way you can typecast yourself as a red carpet amateur is to show up to a high brow event in a low brow dress. Observe. Lowndes stalks around her 90210 set in slinky, vixenish getups, yet looks like Clara from The Nutcracker when left to her own devices. Call Rachel Zoe honey, you need a stylist stat.

She's Thinking: I did this all by myself!

Naturi Naughton at the Los Angeles Premiere of 'Fame' in L.A.

Comment: As the opposite of Lowndes, Naughton nailed a great red carpet silhouette but once again—the occasion doesn't quite fit the bill. Every one of Naughton's other ten thousand costars in Fame's ensemble cast chose a premiere look that was fun and fresh, but still youthful and on trend. And here Naughton looks like she stole a dress from Whitney's comeback. If you want to stand out as a diva, that's fine—but purple cellophane just looks tacky.

She's Thinking: Not even famous yet and already In-FAME-ous.

Mya at the 8th Annual Fashion For The Cure in West Hollywood

Comment: Oh Mya! How you have forsaken us! It seems not long ago that Mya teamed up with the powerhouse lineup of Moulin Rouge girls for that saucy, blockbuster video. And now, after falling off the map for awhile, she's emerged in what resembles an unflattering sequined housecoat, topped off with zebra printed platforms and a headband?!! Has Halloween come early this year?

She's Thinking: I swear, I let L'il Kim dress me!

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz at the "Paris in L.A. Event" in West Hollywood

Comment: At first, I wanted to tear into this ensemble because Simpson-Wentz was wearing a bra for a top and I've just seen way too much of that lately. Then realizing she was actually hosting a lingerie event I was willing to give in since it did create a burlesque-y, master of ceremonies look that seemed appropriate. But now, I'm throwing it back in the mix just because the outfit is so ill-fitting due to the newfound anorexia that Simpson has been sporting (did I miss this?) of late. She can't fill out the top or the bottom pieces, both of which require a certain level of curve to work. And she's a mom?!! I've heard nursing helps drop baby weight but this is ridiculous.

She's Thinking: Jess got all the bootylicious genes.

Photo Source: wireimage
-Alia Rajput

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