Gareth Pugh Keeps Thinking About a Fast Fashion Line.

October 1, 2009 • Fashion


First looks of Gareth Pugh's Spring 2010 collection

And speaking of Gareth Pugh, the British born designer opened up to recently about his consideration of the now wildly popular diffusion line trend. Pugh's avant-garde eponymous line commonly retails in the four digit price point, but the designer claims he is not against the idea of creating some fast fashion.
"I have considered it," he quipped. "The offers have come in, and every time we get an
offer, I mull it over. I’d like more people to have access to my
clothes, but the timing hasn’t been right, or the project hasn’t been
right, or some combination of both those things." Pugh said when he was first approached on the idea he did not even have a factory and was still making his clothes by hand. He called the concept of a fast fashion line at that point in his career, "premature." But not the young designer has established himself impressively, hosting a standout show yesterday in the initial lineup of Paris Fashion Week. The collection's "soft" tone of various shades of gray and artful, feathered headpieces are already winning rave reviews by the fashion media. And yet, could a vision as eccentric as Pugh's translate well into the fast fashion market? It seems time will only tell. When asked if companies that have asked him before to produce a diffusion line should keep asking, Push noted, "Sure, keep asking. And I'll keep thinking."

Article Source:, NY Mag
Photo Source: NY Mag
-Alia Rajput

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