Designer Dish. No One Terribly Shockd By Lohan’s Disastrous Ungaro Show.

October 6, 2009 • Fashion

Lindsay Lohan with Emanuel Ungaro's head designer Estrella Archs after their premiere show

Well, Lindsay Lohan has definitely succeeded in making waves following her debut collection as 'artistic advisor' for the house of Emanuel Ungaro—though she was probably hoping the response would be a bit more positive. In a sequence of events that was neither surprising nor (in my opinion) undeserved, Lohan trotted out her designer Ungaro wares last weekend right into the jaws of the fashion media that was ready to swallow her up whole. “The nail in Ungaro’s coffin,” was heard through the dismayed crows following a show of apparent youthfulness gone wrong. The innovation spread thin with hearts and brightly colored pasties, sophomoric details that that one critic said, "made me think that this collection was designed by a 18-year-old in 1987." Ouch. Lohan was originally signed on as a creative guide to help escort the Ungaro label back into a fresh, revitalized place. But what happens when no one else wants to meet it there?

Not all the Lohan camp was negative, though their comments were much more memorable (“I could see any of these pieces in the bottom three at a ‘Project Runway’ challenge.”—love it!) Some media personalities actually thought Lohan's efforts were commendable as a first time designer (outside of her atrocious leggings line and the spray tanning formula that she stole). "A few of the designs aren’t bad,” one attendee remarked. “They’re wearable. And young. And fun. Give the girl a break." “Of course this is not ‘Galliano’ couture dripped with drama and
experience," said another on the placement of Lohan's line in Paris, "but I see the inspired ‘youthfulness’ [sic] expressed
through its colors and simplicity in lines.” Instead of supplying mournful notes of sympathy and understanding to Lohan, head designer Estrella Archs should really be the one who receiving any encouraging pats on the back. It's probably not easy to design a universally likeable line when someone who's carved their celebrity out of disaster is holding veto power.

Commenter Lisa had a suggestion that will hopefully prevent people like Archs, and the rest of the fashion industry, from wasting anymore of their time: “Lets [sic] let designers
design, actors act, writers write and models model. Wouldn’t that be




Looks from Lindsay Lohan's debut collection for Emanuel Ungaro

Article and Photo Source: WWD
-Alia Rajput

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