Paris Fashion Week Spring 2010. Isabel Marant: A Collection of Sexy Little Looks for the Downtown Bohemian

October 6, 2009 • Fashion Shows

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Summary: For Spring 2010, Isabel Marant is all about short skirts,
fringed slouchy boots, and strong-shouldered blazers: an insightful combination
of trends which melds to create the perfect mix of Boho Chic and Downtown Cool. There's an urbane confidence instilled in the looks of Marant's sexy little
looks. Despite the pink feathers and short, ruffled babydoll dresses, there is
a hardened edge that penetrates Marant's looks. A younger crowd will love her
oversized dyed furs and slouchy paper-bag shorts, while women looking for a more
chic look will do well to pair one of the chiffon, pale-pink dresses with a navy
boyfriend blazer. Strong-shouldered blazers and short, stripey skirts gleam
with woven bits of silver, yet whatever softness lighter colors bring is matched
immediately by deconstructed edges, bare legs, and woven, studded belts. Although clever and fun, the fierceness of Marant's collection is unmistakable:
the Isabel Marant woman is undeniably sexy: she is confident, she is a social
jet-setter, and she is always, without a doubt, the life of the party. 

– Amanda Aldinger

Photos: WWD

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