Paris Fashion Week Spring 2010. Yves Saint Laurent: Boho Meets Office, Meets Biker

October 6, 2009 • Fashion Shows

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Summary: As an ardent Yves Saint Laurent fanatic, YSL is the collection I most look forward to every season, every year. To that end, I often find it difficult to relinquish my bias. But for Spring
2010, it was difficult for me to establish a true through line within Pilati's
collection – leaving me loving some looks, but wondering where others fit. On
the whole, YSL for spring is quite minimalistic: there's a heavy presence of
stark white shirts and dresses, in addition to the pared down unisex tuxedo look
that YSL is known for, and does so very, very well. To infuse a bit of edge
into an otherwise straightforward collection, Pilati adorned some looks with
biker-esque leather accoutrement: a black leather collar on a starched white
dress, or a black textured pencil skirt paired with a modest, black ruched
blouse. The kicker was the addition of bohemian elements, which is a look not
often often associated with YSL. Voluminous sleeveless and off-the-shoulder
dresses draped freely around the models and cinched with a belt (these I LOVED),
flowery leather detailing on over-sized vests, and blouses boasting extravagant,
bunchy sleeves. There are looks and and concepts from each of the styles in this
collection that I love and think are brilliantly designed. I'm just left
wondering what, exactly, Pilati wants this collection to be.

– Amanda Aldinger

Photos: WWD

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