Legally Yours. Alexander McQueen Gets His Turn to Sue Steve Madden.

October 9, 2009 • Fashion

Alexander McQueen's 'Faithful' bootie (left), and Steve Madden's 'Seryna' bootie

It's been so quiet on the shoe copying front for the past couple months, we were almost beginning to miss it! But true to form, Steve Madden has achieved yet another stylistic blunder, giving us a dose of delicious shoe drama just in time for fall. This time the victim in the trade dress infringement suit is Alexander McQueen, who is suing Steve Madden for allegedly imitating the design of his 'Faithful' booties. Filed October 1 in Manhattan District Court, the suit accuses Steve
Madden's 'Seryna' bootie as a "studied imitation" of McQueen's 'Faithful'
, which was inspired by a vintage motorcycle jacket.

Certain fashion blogs have been noting the similarities between McQueen's 'Faithful' and Steve Madden's 'Seryna' since last month, causing McQueen's lawyers to send a cease and desist letter to Steve Madden in September. But the company refused to stop making and selling the shoe. Now in the suit filed against the them, McQueen's lawyers stated "In fact, the only design element of the ‘Faithful Bootie’ that Madden
did not deliberately copy is the zipper pull that contains the
‘Alexander McQueen’ trademark.”

The 'Faithful' bootie has been making headlines for some time now, after appearing on the likes of the Olsen twins, Rihanna, and Lindsay Lohan. McQueen alleges that Steven Madden has the intent to bank off of this apparent popularity of the design and its commercial strength. The designer is currently seeking an injunction barring Steven Madden from selling
items that infringe on its trade dress
, profits realized by any
wrongful acts plus interest, delivery of any infringing goods for
destruction, legal fees and other relief. How long until Steve strikes again?!!

Article source: NY Mag, WWD
Photo Source: NY Mag
-Alia Rajput

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