Ralph Lauren Takes Responsibility. Finally.

October 9, 2009 • Fashion

Ralph Lauren Photoshopped The nasty habit of over-photoshopping has reared its ugly head in the oddest of places: an ad by Ralph Lauren. The company has since taken responsibility for the ad saying,  in a statement released to Access Hollywood, "For over 42 years we have built a brand based on quality and integrity. After further investigation we have learned that we are responsible for poor imaging and retouching that resulted in a very distorted image of a woman's body. We have addressed the problem and going forward we will take every precaution to ensure the caliber of our artwork represents our brand responsibly." 

While the apology is certainly helpful, Ralph Lauren's previous reaction to the ad's Internet presence is worrisome. The blog Photoshop Disasters first premiered the ad, which has since been taken down, stating that it was sent by an anonymous tipper from Tokyo. Boing Boing's Xeni Jardin picked it up on September 29, blogging about model Fillippa Hamilton-Palmstierna,"Dude her head's bigger than her pelvis."

By October 6, Ralph Lauren had sent a cease and desist letter to Boing Boing, threatening to sue over copyright infringement. Ralph Lauren did not deny that it was responsible for the image, the company merely wanted it taken down. Boing Boing's response to Ralph Lauren, written by Cory Doctorow, was to "…sue and be damned. Copyright law doesn't give you the right to threaten your critics for pointing out the problems with your offerings." 

Ralph Lauren's apology came on October 8. The fact that Ralph Lauren's first response was to try to take down the ad is disconcerting. Perhaps a more responsible way of handling the situation might have been to admit fault at the beginning and begin a dialogue on the dangers of over-photoshopping, or even photoshopping in general. Luckily, the blogosphere has begun that discussion in spite of the way Ralph Lauren dealt with the situation. Ralph Lauren, I expected better from you.

-Nina Krek

Photo Source: Stylelist.com

Story Source: Stylelist.com, BoingBoing.net, Photoshop Disasters

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  1. tiffbit says:

    this isn’t so much appalling as it is funny. This looks more like a joke about the model than anything else. It’s ridiculous that some people are getting offended by this. She looks like a caricature you can get off of a tourist site here in nyc-

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