The Suit That Fights Swine Flu

October 9, 2009 • Fashion

Swine Flue Suit

There is a new weapon in the fight against the overly-hyped H1N1 epidemic, though, unfortunately, only men get to use it. In an article in the British newspaper the Telegraph, it was announced that Haruyama Trading Co., a Japanese company, has created a suit that fights off H1N1 germs. Yes, you read that correctly. The company has created 50,000 suits that will retail for around $580. The suit, which comes in grey, charcoal, navy and even grey pinstripe, has a protective shield of titanium dioxide which kills viruses and is mostly found in toothpaste and makeup. The H1N1 combating powers of the suit can even withstand several washings. There is only one question left to ask: Does that mean that men would no longer have to wear the mask?

-Nina Krek

Photo & Story source: The Telegraph

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