WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

October 9, 2009 • Celebrity Style

Geri Halliwell at the Breast Cancer Care 2009 Fashion Show in London

Comment: As much as we all love former Ginger Spice showing off her efforts in support of Breast Cancer research, she may be showing off just a bit too much, uh, effort here. Very few events these days call for this much two-toned velvet. And just because the word "breast" appears in the invitation, that doesn't necessarily make make the girls an imperative part of the dress code as well

She's Thinking: I guess I didn't get 'Posh' for a reason.

Margaret Cho at the 'Drop Dead Diva' season one finale in Beverly Hills

Comment: This is where it comes in handy to have a sense of humor such as Cho's. Its as if the merit of Cho's style decreases exponentially as your eye travels downward. Tunic? Eh, OK. Shiny pink spandex tights? Oh dear. Brown riding boots over said spandex? That's just not right. And if you weren't visually assaulted enough, just check out her black and white fingerless gloves for that final punchline.

She's Thinking: Well if you don't get my jokes, now I can still make you laugh.

Romi Dames at the Beverly Hills opening of Famous Cupcakes in Beverly Hills

Comment: This event hosted, by the Kardashians, turned into a veritable array of odd-looking people. The Kardashians themselves actually looked simple and chic, apparently leaving all the fashion drama to their guests. At first it seemed Dames didn't get the memo as to what the event actually was; her frothy confection looked way to prom dress for a bakery opening. Upon closer inspection, however, it may be that she was merely attempting to manifest the cupcakes themselves. In that regard, she succeeded admirably.

She's Thinking: Just call me red velvet.

Kelly Killoren Bensimon at her jewelry trunk show in in Boca Raton

Comment: So now that fashion show season has come to a close, we are all resigned to the overwhelming popularity of pantslessness. But can there at least be an age limit on the trend?!! Bensimon, having recently launched her own jewelry line, has only really succeeded in providing just one more reason for her to love herself. Yes you're a former model and we all applaud you for that, but you're also over forty! Take a tip from Cindy Crawford or Christy Turlington on how to gracefully enter the autumnal years of your life and put some damn pants on.

She's Thinking: But this is what all the cool kids are doing!

Rachel Griffiths at the Los Angeles Philharmonic's Inaugural Gala in L.A.

Comment: OK, so after complaining about Kelly, this may be the best example of stepping too far over the line. Griffiths—sophisticated, hot, successful—somehow feels the need to envelope herself in a blousy, bulky overcoat (in L.A. mind you) for a black tie gala event. Her colleagues like Rita Wilson and Angela Bassett were rocking out in sleevelessness and cleavage where Griffiths just kinda drowns in her garbage bag-looking shroud. Who cares if you just had a baby! You still look fab! If her and and Bensimon could get together and plan some sort of stylistic tradeoff then maybe we'd all be satisfied.

She's Thinking: Spend enough time on the set of 'Six Feet Under' and you start to look like an undertaker.

Photo Source: WireImage
-Alia Rajput

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