Infinity Scarves Serve Infinite Possibilities

October 10, 2009 • Magazine

Infinity Scarves Serve Infinite Possibilities

Infinity Scarves Serve Infinite Possibilities

Sun, 2009-10-11 04:00

Rachel Yeomans

I have five wicker baskets each overflowing with scarves of every shape, size and color. One can safely assume from this fact that I love scarves. Therefore once the latest trend of the infinity/eternity scarf came on to the fashion scene, I immediately bought another wicker basket.

One of my biggest complaints in regards to the scarf is that it has ends. Do I tuck them into my coat? How do I make them stay around my neck when the wind keeps blowing them behind me? Do I tie the ends if I don’t want to fold it in half and stick the ends through the middle? As much as I love scarves, they can be quite frustrating at inopportune times.

My first introduction to the infinity scarf was through a dress purchase that had a reversible scarf sewn into the neckline. I could wear the dress just letting the scarf loop hang loose for a casual artistic look. I could bunch it around my neck for a fitted look. Or I could loop it loosely around my neck for the two-layered scarf look. No matter how I played with it, it looked good, provided several different looks, and always stayed in place!

So if I had a dress with an infinity scarf attached to it, why not buy singular infinity scarves to accompany other outfits in my wardrobe? On my shopping search for the perfect infinity scarf, I of course found several.

I found the long thin tube scarf for a casual look, a really thick short option for a very warm toasty look, or gauze printed piece that I could totally flaunt in the spring and summer. And the best part is that each infinity scarf was much less expensive than most of the other scarves I have guiltily splurged on in the past!

So which scarf did I buy? Well, remember they were quite affordable. Plus I did have an entire basket to fill.

1. Bop Basics Thick Knit Eternity Scarf $68
2. Son of John Stardust Infinity Scarf $95 Sale: $66.50
3. Bop Basics Cashmere Tube Scarf $175
4. Son of John Wildcat Infinity Scarf $95 Sale: $66.50
5. Free People Chunky Gauze Scarf $58
6. Son of John Rosarita Scarf Regular Price: $69 Sale: $48.30
7. YAYA AFLALO Infinity Scarf Original Price $220 Sale Price: $66

Image Layout: Minette Higden

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