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October 15, 2009 • Fashion

DOn Draper

The influence of AMC's much lauded drama Mad Men is about to be extended into the fashion industry. It is a natural progression for the '60s set show. After all, don't we all aspire to be as dapper as Don Draper and as sexy as Joan Holloway? 

Brooks Brothers has announced that it will be selling a limited edition "Mad Men Suit" that will retail at $998. Only 250 suits will be on sale from Monday, October 19 until November 8. The suit will be grey with a two button jacket and narrow lapels. 

Also in sartorial Mad Men news, Janie Bryant, costume designer for the show, has an agreement with Matchbook Company that will allow her to collaborate with other designers in guest collections. 

In addition to collaborating with Brooks Brothers, she also designed Oprah's Mad Men inspired dress and was recently hired by Joseph Abboud to discuss '60s style.

"The early 1960s in New York have this appeal. It's gorgeous, classic silhouettes. Americans have been casual for so long, I think they long for this kind of considered dressing," said Bryant. 

Luckily for all of us, in addition to all of her collaborations, she will still be designing for Mad Men. 

-Nina Krek

Story Source: WWD, NY Post

Photo Source: WWD

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