WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

October 16, 2009 • Celebrity Style

I couldn't help but notice a slew of particularly questionable dresses attending events on both coasts this week. From the overly embellished, to the dated, to the straight up costumey, all the dresses spotted this week need to have a serious talking to before they can be allowed to appear in public again.

Padma Lakshmi and Rachel Roy at 'A Celebration of Italian Fashion & Style' in New York

Comment: We're all thrilled for Padma that she's expecting and invite her to brag her bump as much as possible. But a monochromatic ensemble from head to toe—in a chalky neutral of all colors—is not the most flattering of statements. It looks like some sort of body cast. Show some more skin Padma! And when does an occasion really call for white boots anyway? Don't think you're off the hook either Rachel Roy—your cropped pants look way too baggy up top to be that tightly tapered below the knee.

She's Thinking: I gotta wear heels while I still can!

Fabiola Beracasa at the MAD Paperball Gala in New York

Comment: The great thing about this ensemble is that it's just that—an ensemble made up of separate pieces competing with each other over who gets the most attention. Beracas's dress was actually perfect for the stylish, contemporary occasion she was attending and because of that, she should have stopped there. Alone, the artful dress stands out, saying 'Look at me'. Yet when paired with a matching floral hat and horrid snakeskin printed bag, the message is more, 'Look at me, I'm crazy.'

She's Thinking: It took me all day to glue these onto my head!

Phoebe Price at a fashion launch party in L.A.

Comment: Good old Phoebe Price has shown up on this list more than once before so we've come to know what to expect from her. And yet, despite her predictability, she is still able to make our lineup for the week. Fairly straightforward diagnosis—bad 80's prom dress (and hair pouf) trying to be updated with a more millenial look but cruises right past what looks good today into Deep Space Nine.

She's Thinking: Just call me fire and water.

Bianca Mettler-Lopez at Los Premios MTV 2009 in Universal City

Comment: Since Lopez is so proud to display her status as Miss Teen California, one would think that she would know how to embody the title a bit more—as in, age appropriate dressing. Yes she has to be a role model and not come off to hoochie, but is this the only alternative?! It all the elements—the lace, the tiers, the teal—to cause any bridesmaid from the 80's and 90's to suddenly experience agonizing flashbacks.

She's Thinking: Hey kids, don't do drugs and don't dress like this.

Kathy Ireland at Los Angeles Fashion Week in L.A.

Comment: Kathy Ireland still looks great at her age and we should all applaud her for that. What does not get an ovation, however, is her inability to realize that the trends have moved on past her prime. Dresses in that color, overly satiny style and are accompanied with a matching wrap, usually come with Dyeables (see: flashback-inducing elements above). Her skin is so beautiful too, yet would benefit much more from a deeper jewel tone instead of the flat pinkiness which makes her appear washed out.Not to mention her boobs look like they are trying to escape this nightmare.

She's Thinking: This could pass for vintage, right? 

Photo Source: WireImage

-Alia Rajput

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