WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

October 23, 2009 • Celebrity Style

Mary Kate (left) and Ashley Olsen at the CFDA New Members Reception in New York

Comment: The Olsen twins have a lot on their plate these days between running two successful clothing lines, planning a diffusion line, and being inducted into the CFDA. Unfortunately, no one told them that just because they own an empire similar to someone three times their age means they have to dress for that demographic. It seems their is no in gray area between bag lady and old lady chic for these two. DVF looked closer to her twenties than them.

They're Thinking: At least no one's calling us 'Michelle'.

Kim Kardashian at the Rich Soil Fashion Line launch in Beverly Hills

Comment: So her sisters have either gotten married or gotten pregnant in the last six months, perhaps as a clever ploy to finally steal the spotlight away from Kim. Unfortunately, the reality t.v. star isn't doing much to generate positive press dressing like this. We're still wrapping our minds around the resurrection of 80's trends—don't start flaunting the 90's now in your stretch velvet leopard print! This ensemble could only be complete with a 'Blossom' hat and members of the Funky Bunch.

She's Thinking: Forget Paris and Lindsay, I'll start my own ugly trends.

Angie Harmon at the 2009 Rodeo Drive Walk of Style Awards in Los Angeles

Comment: Angie gets a doubletake 'WTF!' for this ensemble. As if it wasn't bad enough that she's sporting what resembles a sleeveless Snuggie with pockets (saw it on the Snuggie runway in New York perhaps?), she's paired it with boots that don't do much to help and she's wearing it to a Walk of Style Awards show in honor of Grace Kelly! What would Princess Grace say about this outfit? She probably wasn't allowed to use such words.

She's Thinking: I'm the new face of Snuggie chic! 

Camilla Alves at the "One Peace At A Time" Premiere in Los Angeles

Comment:  As Matthew Mcconaughey's other half, Camilla is usually the epitome of graceful style when stepping out on the town. This, however, is not one of her best efforts with this mish mosh of lengths and shapes that don't all quite work together. Between the slipdress, the laceup shoes and the leather jacket, just one of these statement making pieces would have been enough on its own. And Camilla should be reminded her the cardinal rule that accessories (and outwear for that matter) should not so much match as go.

Shes Thinking: I'm tired of just being arm candy.

Denise Rich at the 2009 Angel Ball in New York

Comment: Denise Rich may be a saint for hosting this year's charity Angel Ball, but she could definitely use some help in how to dress like the evening's hottest hostess. Rich looks like she made an attempt at her one Project Runway challenge, complete with ten minutes at the fabric store and a meltdown at the end. In one last desperate attempt to salvage the mixed up piece, she stuck a ruffle on her sleeve and called it a day.

Shes Thinking: Am I making it work?

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-Alia Rajput

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