Mastering The Artistry Of The Hat

October 25, 2009 • Magazine

Mastering The Artistry Of The Hat

Mastering The Artistry Of The Hat

Sun, 2009-10-25 11:00

Rachel Yeomans

Hats are one of those fashion accessories that I’ve always coveted, usually purchase, and most often regret said purchase. It’s not that I don’t love hats – I adore hats. It’s that I just can’t seem to pull off the look.

I recollect the line in the film, You’ve Got Mail, when Meg Ryan’s character sees a butterfly on the subway. After seeing it leaving the subway train she stated, “I assume it was going to Bloomingdales to buy a hat that will turn out to be a mistake – as almost all hats are.” Is it that the hat is a mistake or did the buyer make a mistake in buying the wrong one?

With that question in mind, I set out to find the right hat, at least for me. I decided there are three types of hats: beanie cap, beret and newsboy cap. And I was going to try on all three.

First off, the beanie cap. Despite their adorable appearance, the beanie cap doesn’t necessarily compliment the round face. Call me self-conscious, but I don’t want my cheeks to be accentuated by my headwear.

The beret I found very adorable, however word to the wise: Don’t wear your hair up when wearing it, as you then look bald. But with my hair down, it looked very chic and European and even covered my ears, which is a wonderful plus for this chilly season! The newsboy cap also worked very well for me, but in regards to warmth it isn’t the smartest purchase. Yet when it’s drizzling outside or just to cover up a bad hair day, the newsboy cap I feel will be my new standby.

So I went to Bloomingdales, and I got several hats. And I can happily say that these hats have not turned out to be mistakes.

Stocking Caps
1. Nordstrom Rib Knit Newsboy Cap $22
2. Eugenia Kim Montana Buffalo Check Slouchy Cap $188
3. Tarnish ‘Romantic Ruffle’ Flower Detail Knit Cap $36

4. Eugenia Kim Genevieve Pom-Pom Beret $213
5. Portolano Studded Cashmere Beret $98
6. Juicy Couture Striped Beret $95

Newsboy Caps
7. Juicy Couture Slouchy Newsboy Cap $65
8. Juicy Couture Grosgrain Military Cap $55
9. Grace Hats Ecru Cap $36

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