Fashion Focus Chicago 2009. Vert Couture Eco-Friendly Fashion Show.

October 26, 2009 • Fashion Shows

Vert Couture Beginning

Fashion Focus Chicago finished last night with an ecologically friendly fashion show, the Vert Couture: Springtime in Chicago event held at the Chicago Cultural Center. The event was the first completely eco-fashion event ever included in Fashion Focus, and it was completely charitable – 100% of its profits will be donated to the Chicago Fashion Foundation

The VIP reception before the show and the after party both featured a live DJ, and organic food and cocktails. 

The show began with some belly dancing:

Vert Couture 1 Belly Dancer

Then, Michael and Bianca Alexander, the hosts of the event, spoke about the importance of sustainability and eco-friendly fashion. 

The first designer to show was Vaute Couture, pronounced Vote Couture, the line from Leanne Hilgart. The line is vegan, eco-concious and free trade. There was a lot of diversity in her line, from coats to cutout tops. 

Vaute Couture 

The next designer to show was the Fashion Institute Student Collective, from Amber Cressier, Lambda Pierson, Janine Garcia, Tiffany Evans, Krystal Baldwin, Nia Nyanu and Marisa Vangarderen. The line included some very innovative pieces, playing with textures and prints. 

Vert Couture Red Dress 

Frei Designs, from designer Annie Novotny, prides itself on being 80% organic, free trade, and made from renewable recsources using low/no impact dies.  Casual, flirty and flowy, her designs were quite pretty and wearable. 

Vert Couture 

Vert Couture white dress 

Finally, Mountains of the Moon, from Melissa Baswell, debuted. The slightly retro line is made from organic cotton or hemp fabric made in the United States. The dresses were perfect for spring and featured simple and flattering silhouettes. 

Vert Couture Fin

The show ended with Michael and Bianca Alexander thanking their sponsors and inviting Paul Sisti, winner of the Nudie Jean's The Recycled Denim Maniacs Project to show his winning creation. 


The challenge was to create new designs from recycled denim! The show, and Fashion Focus Chicago ended there for this year. Congratulations on a fun and inspiring Vert Couture: Springtime in Chicago event!

-Nina Krek

Photos: Second City Style

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