Blast Off: Removing It All With Crystalift Dermatologist Microdermabrasion At Home

October 27, 2009 • Beauty


The first thing everyone needs to know is that I have good skin. Not to boast, but I take great care to ensure that my clear, cheeky visage is one of my better assets. That being said, I don't spend tons of money on facials or skin treatments (who has the time and money these days?). While I obviously enjoy such luxuries and believe in taking the occasional plunge, I simply follow a regimented routine of cleansing (don't rub the skin, pat dry!)  toning (let's balance our ph levels, dearies) and moisturizing (don't let the well run dry!). But sometimes, if you must know, I need a little help. And I do believe I have found it in the form of a petite machine, a vacuum wand, and some teensy tiny crystals.

After weeks of thinking that the Crystalift System was going to be an arduous microdermabrasion process, I was shocked to find it completely the opposite. I don’t normally use “at home” spa treatments, but some things are worth A First. After watching a brief (and helpful) instructional video, I hooked up my own Crystalift System and was on my way to expert exfoliation in minutes (and done within 10)!

A simple 4-step set-up lends to an easy and efficient microdermabrasion in the comforts of one's own home (I did it while I waited for my delivery). On a clean face, simply brush the wand of the machine over the skin (the manual recommends direction, techinique, etc.). You control the intensity of the machine (because we’ve all got our preferences) and voila! A fresh face in no time. I was so thrilled with my new toy I returned to my bathroom minutes later to use Crystalift on my neck, décolleté, and hands. The system comes with "crystal refills," recommended to be used one per week. So you better believe every Sunday night I'll be poised in front of my mirror, ready to blast my dead skin away.

But the true test came this morning when I awoke. Either my skin would be red, dry and damaged from the shock of such exfoliation, or it would appear as it did – luminous, glowing, and angelic. I'm afraid my local spa has lost a customer to convenience and quality at-home treatment.

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—Second City Style Beauty Editor

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