Giorgio Armani Discusses Future of Armani

October 28, 2009 • Fashion

Giorgio Armani 

Giorgio Armani is in Moscow to present his fall women's and men's wear for Emporio Armani, but ended up discussing the future of his company, leading many to wonder whether the fashion giant will step down and name a successor. 

"I understand that eventually I will have to pass things on. I am already organizing an entire team around me who understands what I do and will be, at some point, ready to step in and continue what I do. Of course, I am not eternal. There comes a time when you must hand it over," he said. 

He was quick to add though that, "This is my life. No one can step away from their life." 

Part of his life is promoting his collection in a city that was hit hard by the global economic crisis. Still, he is optimistic. "Few capital cities have made the impression on me that Moscow has. There's a strength here, an energy, a great potential."

And while Emporio Armani will not open any more stores in Russia, which already had two Giorgio Armani stores, six Emporio Armani shops and represents 5% of Armani's wholesale sales, the company will be opening 40-50 stores worldwide in the upcoming year. 

-Nina Krek

Story & Photo Source: WWD

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