Project Runway Season 6 Episode 11: The Designers Finally Get Feisty! Memorable Quotes from Last Night’s Episode.

October 30, 2009 • Lifestyle


So my editor got me back on board the Project Runway train. Apparently, next season
will return to New York, Michael and Nina will be around every time,
and producers are promising it won't suck (we hope).

Now here's this week's challenge, and finally, it's a good one! And
original, too. Create a companion look for your best garment so far.
Poor Logan is the only one who didn't have an actual winning look, so
they hooked him up with his look from the first challenge.

Finally, as promised, the designers get feisty! Althea and Irina rip on
Logan for stealing Althea's collar. Irina turns on Althea for stealing
her big sweater. Althea calls Carol Hannah a one trick pony, and Logan
makes fun of Christopher's propensity to BUY MORE FABRIC when he
doesn't know what else to do. Someone talks about Gordana's dated look
and Logan calls Irina mean. And finally, Irina gets at what we are all
thinking—Logan hasn't been sent home simply because he's good looking.
It's too good!


To the runway! Past contestant Nick Verreos is there to take Michael's
place and our guest judge is the very pretty and funny Kerry
. The top is Carol Hannah with a darling cocktail dress.
Althea's up there too with a pants-and-sweater outfit that everyone
wants to own. And Irina rounds it out with a cocktail dress and sweater
based on her Aspen look. Logan winds up in the bottom with his space-agy cocktail dress. Christopher's mountain of a bedskirt dress lands him in
the bottom. And Gordana's dated jacket makes her lose her edge.

Who won, and who went home? Althea gets top marks, and her model does,
too! Tanisha rocked those pants. And Logan sadly fails to make it through.
His outfit was definitely too Jetson-y. We'll miss his handsome face!

Althea – The Winner


Carol Hannah



Logan "You're out!"

One last look at Logan – "auf Weidersein!"

And here are your memorable quotes!

Two boys? How did that happen? – Logan

During this whole process, you know, I've been all over the place.
Congratulations, congratulations, great work, good work, fantastic,
stunning. Now, sucky, we hate it, we hate you, you're fat. Ahh.


Christopher goes out and buys 30 yards of lining, which is kind of his
signature for a lot of the challenges is just volume, volume, volume. I
don't know if the judges are sick of it yet but some of the fabrics he
buys just look cheap to me.
– Logan

How's your white mountain? – Carol Hannah to Christopher

This is youthful, vibrant, sexy… For me, this looks like her mother. – Tim to Christopher

Right now, it looks like it's waiting for a diaper. – Tim to Althea

How uncreative are you that you have to steal ideas from other people. I hate Logan. – Althea

Christopher's dress, what are you gonna say about except, why is one dress throwing up the other? – Irina

He thinks cause he's like cute that he can do whatever the fuck he wants. – Althea on Logan

I'm done thinking… now I'm gonna work. – Carol Hannah

I think a lot of designers have to worry. Usually, you know, I can pick
out one or two that I think might be in trouble but at this point, now
that I have a minute to see what everyone else did, I think a lot of
them need to worry.
– Irina

I'm here to design, not make friends. – Irina says the most cliche line in reality show history.

Irina has the nickname Meana Irina for a reason. – Logan

I'm really surprised that the judges haven't labeled her a one trick pony. – Althea on Carol Hannah

It reminds me of my grandma's couch. My grandma has better taste than that. – Logan on Gordana

Are you insane or are you drunk? You're supposed to get inspiration from your own look, not from mine. – Irina turns on Althea

It almost looks like she's a carnival float. – Nina on Christopher

I think the top part of it is really beautiful; I think the bottom is a little bit you took the bed skirt with you. – Heidi

She just looked like a former Russian model who just married a millionaire. – Nick

It looks like an office worker in Warsaw, Poland. – Nick

I think the simplicity makes the dress kinda delicious. – Kerry

It just looks like a fashion project from a student. – Nina

It does scream a little bit Judy Jetson. – Nick

It was like an outfit for a music video back in the 80s but not even for the lead person. – Heidi on Logan's look

To me it was like you know those lizards that when they're trying to scare people their necks pop out? – Kerry on Logan

Last week I told him, turn up the volume, who are you? And now he's
like, I'm about zippers! So I give them 50 in one outfit!
– Oh, Heidi.
So snarky.

That was like the saddest, most drab thing. – Heidi on Gordana

There's like children hiding underneath. – Kerry on Christopher

Until next week!

-Hayley Wells

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