UNIQLO’S HEATTECH: Warmth Without Shame

November 5, 2009 • Fashion


Every year, the joy of a crisp beautiful fall is tempered by the knowledge that winter is fast on its heels. I hate being cold, and although I love New York's public transit system (and the fact that I don't need to own a car), I hate trekking block after block in below-freezing temperatures. And it's not just my comfort level that decreases when temperatures do; my fashion sense takes a hit, too. I'll trade style for warmth any day, so I layer on big, bulky clothes till I look like the Michelin Man (or Ralph's younger brother, Randy, from A Christmas Story).

But I think this year will be different. I just discovered UNIQLO'S HEATTECH, which has camis, tanks, long sleeve T's and turtlenecks made of a super-thin, super-soft fiber that retains body heat. There's all kinds of science behind the way it works–air pockets between the fibers, moisture-wicking fabric that generates heat, an antibacterial agent that helps minimize odors–but what I really love is that it's cute. It comes in 37 designs (24 for men, 13 for women) and 23 colors. Also, it's inexpensive ($15.50 for women's long sleeve t's and turtlenecks, $10.50 for camisoles and tanks). If that's not enough to make your winter merry and bright, the clothes are also anti-static (no more electro-shock hair!) and the women's shirts have a milk protein that moisturizes your skin.

Clearly, UNIQLO has perfected clothing technology. Next year I'll expect them to come up with a garment that makes my body look like Angelina Jolie's…

—Becky Ellis

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