Amidst Tough Times, Conde Nast Hires D.C.-Based Crisis Prevention Expert

November 6, 2009 • Fashion

The Conde Nast building in New York City

So it's come to this. Publishing house Conde Nast's CEO Charles Townsend and Chairman S.I. Newhouse, Jr. have decided  to hire on Washington, DC-based crisis manager and media coach Michael Sheehan to help with the company's PR.With clients including Bill Clinton and a pre-President Barack Obama, and experiences including the management of AIG during its near extinction and JP Morgan during it's Chase acquisition, Sheehan will hopefully provide the management cavalry that Conde Nast now desperately needs. Gina Sanders, publisher for Conde Nast's Lucky magazine, suggested Sheehan to Townsend and Newhouse after using him in her launch of Teen Vogue. Sanders said it was time to acknowledge that morale at Condé has become bleak after a year of shuttering an unprecedented six magazines, including
and Cookie, and letting go at least 460 employees. The company's reputation for exorbitant spending has also been criticized on Madison Avenue. And though most of the company's magazine-based cutbacks have already occurred, even more changes are expected to take place in the newspaper side of Conde Nast's parent company, Advance Publications. The New York Post's latest lists the confirmed moving and shaking currently taking place within the Advance Publication's national newspaper divisions.

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