Project Runway Season 6 Episode 12: The Final Challenge. Memorable Quotes from Last Night’s Episode.

November 6, 2009 • Lifestyle


The last challenge has finally arrived: "The Art of Design." The
designers get the usual blank slate for their challenge this week. Like
in past seasons, they get to choose the inspiration for their designs
from beautiful decor, art and architecture—this time of the The Getty
Chris got inspired by a rock fountain, Carol Hannah by a bed,
and Irina by a painting of ladies in dresses. Gordana followed the
inspiration presented by Monet, and Althea crafted her work after the
building itself. And words got catty in the confessional! It seemed
like everyone was ragging on somebody.


On the runway, designer Cynthia Rowley took Michael Kors' place and
Cindy Crawford was the guest judge
. Christopher presented a gray
rock-and-algae inspired look that was nice on the top but heavy and
weird on the bottom. Althea's skirt was ambitious– maybe too
ambitious! She barely finished her skirt and her shirt definitely look
unfinished. Irina presented a flowy, diaphanous gown that was pretty,
but like Ms. Crawford, I definitely thought the accessories were weird.
Clunky shoes and thick bangles don't go with a light, flowy dress like
hers! Carol Hannah showed us a gorgeous formal gown—but a safe one that was
a lot like her previous gowns. And finally, Gordana designed a dress
for an angel—pretty and definitely reminiscent of her painting, but
also safe and simple. The judges seemed overwhelmingly nonplussed,
especially Nina. She's said in other interviews that the best designer
this season in her opinion was Ra'Mon, and he was auf'ed ages ago. And
after seeing the plain looks tonight, we think she might be right!

So who's going to Fashion Week at Bryant Park? Irina, Carol Hannah, and
Althea get the pass, despite some of their problems. Althea got by on
confidence and her vision, because the judges definitely let her know
that her look was NOT good this time around. And even though Gordana
presented such a pretty gown, the judges auf'ed her for not really
understanding who she was as a designer. And Christopher also got the
boot, and we've been waiting around for that to happen. His stuff was
decidedly amateurish. I'm down with this decision, and excited to see
the Fashion Week collections (because surprisingly, no I haven't seen
them… even though this happened months ago!).

Irina — "You're In"

Carol Hannah — "You're In"

Althea — "You're In"

Gordana —"You're Out!"

Christopher — "You're Out!" (finally!)

And now, your memorable quotes!

It's too big to be rabbit! It's a giant, giant Scandinavian rabbit…
– Tim

Althea's kind of like King King, she wants to grab everything. Today
with the table space, I'm like you have three tables, do you really
need to come– like I have to see you in front of me, I have to see you
next to me,  but you know her highness needs to iron.
– Irina

I think she's just out for blood. – Althea

You know what they say, the dogs that bark, don't bite. – Gordana

Well, too bad Carol Hannah, we're not here to serve you. – Gordana

But they look like stalactites! – Tim to Chris

It's looking a lot like roadkill, it worries me and seeing it with this, it's like a post apocalyptic moment. – Tim

It's just a panel of puckering. – Tim

Althea might have a problem. – Carol Hannah

I know my place in this competition, I'm the wacky, weird guy who
doesn't listen and just does whatever the hell he wants to do.
– Chris

Gordana's dress is a simple silhouette. The simplicity is beautiful and
it's a beautiful dress, but it's not a last challenge dress.
– Althea

I feel like I'm in an adventure movie, and I'm running on one of those
bridges, and I'm running as fast I can before it breaks off completely.

– Carol Hannah

It's pretty and it's kinda dirty. – Chris, on his design aesthetic

Christopher's very confident, but it's a false confidence, because he's
so in his head, that he can't see anything outside of it.
– Irina

Sometimes she does an okay job with the construction, but most of the time, it's really poorly finished. – Irina

I wanna wow those judges, I want Nina Garcia's stilettos to blow right off of her feet and shoot across the runway! – Tim

My garment represents my soul, not only my capable hands. – Gordana

It's a bit of mess-fest. I'm bit shocked to see this from you today. I
feel like you bit off so much more than you could chew.
– Heidi to

I think the length is very old lady. – Nina to Irina

Until next week!

-Hayley Wells

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