Web/Tech: Googling Fashion Made Even Easier

November 6, 2009 • Magazine


For those who depending on Google (which is almost everyone), get ready for it to be your sole search engine for shopping. Google Commerce Search is a new engine based on product data catalogs and other information that the retailers provide directly to Google. This means that finding that right pair of shoes will be accurately quicker.

Though retailers already submit their product information to Google for boosting their search-engine rankings, this new tool will help find products even when the words are misspelled.

This new engine costs $50,000 but the best things about it are that companies do not need extra hardware and its support is 24/7. Even companies such as Birkenstock have already seen the positive outcome.

“Bounce rates have decreased and we’re seeing more return customers,” said Jeff Kilmer, Birkenstock USA chief operating officer. "“The search results are ultrafast, so customers more easily find the specific products they’re looking for…It has also meant a better shopping experience for our customers, which is critical given the holiday season rush.”

-Taneisha Jordan

Source: WWD
Photo: Google


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