Backstage at Latino Fashion Week 2009: Naturales (Green Day) Show

November 9, 2009 • Events


Male_models1 With branches tucked into big, teased hair and faces covered with leaves, the models of Green Day hit the runway flaunting eco-chic through environmental-friendly designs made from organic cotton, sustainable wool and recycled fabrics by Connect boutique, Skinstinct and Jenni Guarascio of Minx Parlor Refashioned Vintage.

Naturales, hosted by NBC’s Green Reporter Ginger Zee, along with Michael and Bianca Alexander from Conscious Living TV, Friday, Nov. 6, was the first-ever green fashion show to polish runways of Latino Fashion Week.

Connect boutique presented a line that they are one of the two only retailers in the world to carry, Nau, the innovative sustainable clothing company. The co-founders of Connect, Jonathan Shaun, Mitch and Nate Lindsay, continue to focus on the people, the plant, and conscious capitalism through sustainability, creativity and authenticity. Connect also supports the “one less car” idea so any order that needs to be delivered has to meet the cyclist’s range.

Yes, you read it correctly, cyclist! Skinstinct concentrates on eco-friendly clothing that looks good, feels good and that you can feel good about. The company’s goal is to design, manufacture and sell designer fabrics that you can both trust and touch because they believe you can be green and gorgeous!

Jenni Guarascio of Minx Parlor Refashioned Vintage promotes clothing recycling and wardrobe redesign showing vibrant colors paired with funky cuts and designs on the runway.


Guarascio (center) assigning models pieces of her line to wear

The backstage chaos was frantic yet exhilarating. There was a rush and excitement when dressing the models throughout the show.




We were so caught up in the necessity of speed that Keesha, a model whom I was dressing, slipped and severely hurt her toe, but she knew the show would not pause for her sake. So, like a true solider she continued to sprint to the runway, where she looked flawless.


Keesha (center) runs down the stairs to the runway with a throbbing toe

As the last model entered the backroom, applauds and cheers echoed throughout. Congratulations were accompanied by hugs and clapping to praise the breathtaking green show.

Photos: Second City Style

—Heather Youkhana


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