Our Sacred Stylish Treasure: Leather

November 9, 2009 • Fashion


Since reintroduced to this magical material of leather that we kept in the back of our closets for far too long, our hearts began to pulsate once again. We can now take a deep breath with ease, possibly sucking in some of the dust it collected hung in the back for so long.

It is like getting a new paintbrush that will revivify your old collection with a creative, innovative edge. Beginning to create new works of art, every stroke we make with its bristles will result in perfection. Leather is our new brush, and with it we can create the masterpiece we fashion-lovers are more familiar with: outfits.


From the alluring, fitted jackets and electric pants—like those of Grease’s Sandy Olsson—to the rugged, buckled boots and the immensely detailed shoulder bags, leather has sensationalized trend-setting celebrity closets. It seems as if there is no wrong way to drape yourself in this material, whether it is the combination of boots, pants and jackets, like Rihanna and Lindsay Lohan, or simply choosing one piece for accenting, like Ashley Olsen and Kirsten Dunst


As soon as you slip your arms through a leather jacket and stand in front of the mirror, you feel yourself becoming edgy and daring, without even saying a word. You suddenly toughen up, pull your shoulders back, and know you are making a bold statement. It is the magic of leather that keeps us fashionistas forever noticeable. So, with using this new stylistic paintbrush revamp your wardrobe with attitude and pizazz.

Photos: People, justjared

—Heather Youkhana

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