Project Runway Season 6 Episode 12: Season Finale Part 1. Memorable Quotes from Last Night’s Episode.

November 13, 2009 • Lifestyle


The all-ladies final commences! And like every season, Tim goes
a-traveling, and we got a quick look at the collections before the
ladies got to work in New York. Tim went to Huntington, NY to see Carol
Duke University-inspired collection. He saw Irina and her
yappy dog on the Upper East Side, and Althea and her boyfriend in
Dayton, Ohio. Tim dished out the criticism – stuff was matronly,
overworked and losing its sophistication. But we're hoping he got those
girls on track!


Tim Gunn visits Carol Hannah

Tim Gunn at Irina's apartment

Tim Gunn visits Althea

Back in the workroom, the girls got to sewing and casting models. There
wasn't the usual eying down of each others' collections, since poor
Carol Hannah rolled up late and had the stomach flu. Nina and Michael
appeared to tell the ladies how to make a great show and a sell-able
collection. (Irina – Nina's right, only Christian Siriano can pull off a
monochromatic collection!)
And Heidi comes in "surprise!" telling them they need to do a 13th piece for their collection! But they get a little help from their friends.


Nina Garcia and Micheal Kors give advice

Christopher helps Carol Hannah, Gordana helps Irina and Althea got to choose Logan! 


Back to Mood one last time!

One last look at Logan.

And since there were no winners or losers, before we knew it, it was time for your memorable quotes!

I'll forgive but I'm not gonna forget. – Althea

I think Carol Hannah and Althea, they're intimidated. They know I've
done well so they are expecting me to take the big guns to Bryant Park,
but I'm bringing a tank. I taking the whole army with me if I have to.

– Irina

I have made pants! – Carol Hannah

I love a kitchen! – Tim Gunn

I was a really awkward kid. I had like long monkey arms and braces and big ugly glasses. – Carol Hannah

To me, elegance is always in, so whatever it is, I just feel like it always has to be elegant. – Irina

You can't have this whole thing, it's too old looking! I mean it looks
really costume-y. It's either, well, it's Edwardian era but she's
visiting the Wild West. This can't walk down that Bryant Park runway
looking like this.
– Tim to Althea

I don't trust Irina any farther than I can throw her. – Althea

When I first come in, I think there's a little of "Oooh, she made it!" – Carol Hannah

If her grandmother were here, maybe the grandmother could wear it. – Tim Gunn

This just looks like borderline Hillary Clinton. – Tim Gunn

Right now this is looking a little bit like chaps. – Tim Gunn

Good God! You have to go go go. I'm gonna leave you alone. – Tim Gunn

Until next week!

—Hayley Wells

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