WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

November 13, 2009 • Celebrity Style

Daphne Guinness at a NARS launch party in New York

Comment: Leave it to Daphne Guinness to show up sporting some space age, Bride of Frankenstein look to something like a makeup launch. With the help of Alexander McQueen's scandalously-sized heels, Guinness always seems to manage to outdo herself. With a look like this, it's not difficult to see how, but the question I'm thinking more is, why?

She's Thinking: Fear me.

Ashley Monroe at the CMA Awards in Nashville

Comment: There was many a fashion fright at the CMA Awards this year but most were to over the top and outlandish to even comment. Poor Ashley wound up on the chopping block because, well, it's just not cute. Amidst a dazzling array of floor-sweeping gowns at the biggest night in country music, Monroe trotted out with a long-sleeved, too short, yellow velvet dress. This is a prime example of where the 80's fad should be kept in the closet and classic, clean lines should have prevailed. Calvin Klein! STAT!

She's Thinking: Now that I'm here, it may be just a tad too warm in Nashville for velvet.

Susan Sarandon at the Focus for Change Benefit in New York

Comment: Oh Susan! How I love you and hate to add you to this list but as the prototypical stylish mom-type (along with Meryl Streep, of course) it's difficult to let this outfit slide. It's bad enough that the pants and top are too matchy-matchy with the same, itty bitty print. But why choose a top with a hem that not only shows but accentuates the high waist and tapered leg of the pants! Whats next, mom jeans?!!

She's Thinking: Oh yeah, I still got it.

Lisa Edelstein at the TV Guide magazine's Hot List party in Beverly Hills

Comment: at first glance, Lisa Edelstein's graphic dress is statement making, but still understandable. What left me confused was her need to include a shaggy, creature-looking wrap to accent the dress, as if it wasn't bold enough on it's own. Is this some sort of homage to Sesame Street's anniversary this week?

She's Thinking: Sunny days, sweeping the clouds away!

Camille Anderson at the PUMA presents The African Bazaar event in L.A.

Comment: This is the second week in a row I've spotted an offender of one of my personal fashion pet peeves: pairing boots in a heavy, autumnal material with a lightweight, springy dress. If people in L.A. are dying for fall footwear, there are ways to pull it off stylishly by adding something as simple as a blazer, cardigan, or even tights. Otherwise, leave the rest of us freezing but fashionable girls to our cold weather gear and go hit the beach. At least you can.

Comment: You never know when the weather might drop to 60 degrees!

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-Alia Rajput

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  1. Andrew says:

    These people are all nobodies trying waaay to hard to get noticed. These dresses and outfits would all make good Halloween costumes. Daphne Guiness just looks like a bad cartoon drawing on acid. Susan Sarandon justs dresses like she doesn’t give a shit. And Lisa Edelstein looks like a desparate 40-something with that plunging neckline that says I’m ready to be screwed by anyone who wants it.

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