Celebrity Style. Top Trends We Don’t Want To See

November 17, 2009 • Celebrity Style

Ok, we'll give it to the stars. They can pull off the unthinkable. Animal prints, space age chic, fur, and those incredible Balenciaga shoes! Yes, we've seen them set the style and wear it all. But some of those trends should have been left at home.  

Here are the top trends we don't want to see on our style stars.  

Mixed Patterns

Whitney Port

We get what you're trying to do, Whitney.  You're trying to tell us you're a trendsetter, a risk taker, a statement maker…But you need to do it in styles that look good on you. And that doesn't mean wearing all the trends all at once.  A stone gray wide striped jacket with a black and white striped shirt? Sparkly shoes? Sorry, Whit, but you're trying too hard.

Mixed Textures

Miley Cyrus

All I can say is that thick bulky wool sweaters WITH horizontal stripes, edgy fishnets, and suede chain linked booties just don't mix. We get that lots of teens like to boldly go wear classic older fashion figures can't, but Miley, it's time to take a cue from Emma Roberts and Selena Gomez and fall back into a classic winning style.  This is too much

Jeans Tucked Into Peep Toe Booties
We admire Shakira for boldly going where no other fashionista would ever dare to go. The leopard print scarf with the gray sharp-shoulder coat says a lot. But those lace-up peeptoe booties and you've simply messed up the entire ensemble tucking your jeans into them and not letting them stand alone. 

Corsets Worn Over Clothes
LiLo's not my favorite person, but I do admire her sense of style. That is, when she does it right.  And I'm the first one to admit that often enough, she does. This white bustier over plunging white t-shirt and leggings, on the other hand, is all wrong! It looks like she forgot that her underpinnings go under her clothes.

Stars Who Don't Care About Clothes

Kristen Stewart

Hello Kristen Stewart! Do you know what you're wearing? Do you care? Because you're a superstar now, thanks to Twilight, and we simply hate the way you stand, nonchalantly, pretending you don't give a damn. We know you do. Besides that strapless chiffon is J Mendel and you should show it off with pride—not lug it around like you're wearing a potato sack!

Black and White and Brown All Over
Kim Kardashian

Black, white and red works. So does black, white, and yellow AND black, white, and green. There's just one color combination that always looks off, though, and that's black, white and brown. Ever seen a girl in the street wearing black and white horizontal stripes with cowboy boots or brown Uggs. Yuck! Kim Kardashian almost had it right here. Then she added that Native American-inspired necklace and threw the entire outfit off and the tough, edgy look out the window.

Photos: People

—Simona Kogan 


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    Kristen Stewart needs some kind of accessories — she looks so PLAIN!!

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