I’m Falling for Payal Pittie.

November 17, 2009 • Accessories

What did you say my pretties; you want out?  No worries, I got the key right here in the form of an AMEX card. You’ll be free in no time and be orphans no longer!”  I said to myself regarding the sparkling sliced diamond drop earrings and the cool turquoise bracelet with the paisley detailing. I know the self-induced talking is a bit crazy but I don’t think anybody would have been able to restrain themselves after seeing these pieces in person. 

The designer Payal Pittie offers an elegant line of jewelry inspired by the romantic prose from Lord Byron and Sir Walter Scott. Necklaces and bracelets are encrusted with light or dark gems connected by rows upon rows of diamonds which creates an awe inspiring presentation. Payal designed a collection that is truly worthy of the women that inspired her work.  Her clever way of melding poem verses with the imagery of her designs makes this collection extremely cohesive and thought-provoking.

If you are looking for a real stunner piece that will pretty much go with any of your current cocktail or evening dresses; make it easier on yourself and head over to Elements on Wells to pick up one of these beauties. You might even catch the designer like I did and strike up a conversation on how to pair your ensemble.

—Yen Le


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  1. Sidhartha says:

    I stopped by Elements on Wells too. I was enamored by the styles of Payal Pittie.

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