Interview: Shopping Tuesdays Kickoff At Water Tower Place Hosted By Steve Kemble

November 19, 2009 • Events


Water Tower Place's Shopping Tuesdays kickoff event this week was hosted by Steve Kemble, "America’s Sassiest Lifestyle Guru" and voice of US Weekly’s Fashion Police. I had the opportunity to meet Steve before the show. I knew it had to be him, without even seeing his face, the moment I saw a man wearing cool pointed Beatle boots and a slim cut black Tuxedo suit with solid bugle beading on the lapel and trouser stripes. Besides the 'can't miss him' get-up he was wearing, his energy is larger than life!

When I met him, I immediately went to hug him, and almost apologized, but he assured me, with his slight Texas accent, "Yes, I'm a hugger!"

SCS: Okay, I have to tell you, I know you do a lot of wedding styling, but Second City Style only covers women's fashion, beauty and accessories. We do not cover men's fashions, children's fashions or bridal.

SK: (laughing) I hate those weddings!!

SCS: But I do have a related question for you. What do you suggest women wear to a wedding?

SK: My advice is please be age appropriate. Don't look at movie stars like Lindsay Lohan that are young for your inspiration. If you're 40, dress like a 40 year old. There are some amazing looks for every age. And dress up! Give yourself a day of beauty for an event like a wedding. Take the time to pamper yourself. Women don't do that enough. Soak in the tub, do your hair and nails. If you take the time to look amazing, you will inspire a lot of people. They will say wow, she looks amazing and they to look good. too!

SCS: Do you have any fashion "don'ts" regarding some of the latest trends?

SK: Again, don't go on the internet and try to copy a trend. What looks fabulous on Reese Witherspoon may not work for you! There are some stars that are on a fine line between style and costume-y, Like Lady GaGa. By the way… I am going to do the American Music awards on Sunday… and they told me… You don't really have to be there for the rehearsals. Then I found out that Lady Gaga will be rehearsing really early – at 8am… So I said, yes, you bet…I'll be there! I'd like to see her…as really herself!

But getting back to style. Keep it simple! Nothing is wrong with a Little Black Dress …and some statement jewelry!. Don't overdo it!

SCS: I'm smiling because you're sitting there with that sparkle jacket saying "don't overdo it?"

SK: You should see some of my jackets!

SCS:  I know – I have! And I do want to talk about your style. I like your look! I actually like to dress the way you do sometimes…in a flashy or retro jacket. Do you think that "your look" can work on a woman?

SK: Yes, I think it can work! A flashy jacket or whatever you wear, you have to be able to carry yourself. You know 98% of fashion is posture, It is all about self-confidence and people like to see that, they love that!

Steve had to run at this point to MC the Fashion presentation but told him I could talk to him forever. When asked about visiting our city he said, "I love Chicago. It's like a baby-cleaned up New York!" I didn't stop smiling all night! Nor did the audience who enjoyed the fashion presentation.

Steve talked about all of the great holiday gifts that you can get at Water Tower Place. He was very entertaining, saying "Don't you love that?" "Isn't her hair fabulous?" And it was true! The hair by Sassoon and the gift ideas were… fabulous! (My favorites included the Eileen Fisher Wool Glovelets, SEE Eyewear, Banana Republic's Infinity Sweater, and a TumiLite Carry On  In bright violet!)

This Spirit Dress from French Connection was a crowd favorite!

Katie Lindsay, Marketing Manager for Water Tower Place told us about all of the specials on Shopping Tuesdays. Don't miss the next Shopping Tuesday!

Visit Water Tower Place
every Tuesday during regular center hours to receive a $30 gift card
with a minimum $200 purchase.

   •  Complimentary Coat Check
   •  Makeovers from Sephora and make-unders Bare Escentuals
   •  Free gift giveaways throughout the night
   •  Free stroller and wheelchair rental
   •  Gift wrapping, proceeds to benefit Habitat for Humanity
   •  Plus, exclusive dining offers from Water Tower Place restaurants:

Mity Nice Grill: Tuesday Brewsday: $3 pints. All draft beer $3; Foodlife: $2.95 glass pours daily at foodlife wine kiosk; $9 dinner to-go from the foodlife market; Freshii: Buy one item, get one free.

Water Tower Place Hosts Shopping Tuesday
Tuesday Evening Holiday Shopping Events Now Through December 15th.

Photos: Matt Whitmire

— Carol Calacci

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