Kristen Stewart’s Wardrobe Recap of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” Premieres and Events

November 20, 2009 • Celebrity Style

I am sure for many, today has been marked down on their
calendars for a while now, circled about a hundred times, and with each passing day, our hearts
skipped a beat as it drew nearer. I am talking about the release of “New Moon”
of course!  I didn’t think it was
possible, but the world has seemingly halted and people are solely breathing,
eating, thinking and dreaming anything revolving “New Moon,” obviously one
being the cast. Kristen Stewart —who plays Bella Swan—has always portrayed a
rebellious attitude through her clothing. 
From rugged, skinny jeans, graphic t-shirt and a leather jacket to her
red and black dress paired with Converse sneakers at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards,
she has gotten her I—don’t—care message across. However, with the “New Moon”
premieres Stewart has surprised us all and cleaned up her image, even though it
looks awkward at times. 


 Four Seasons Hotel on November 3 in Mexico City

 Stewart in something still comfortable to our eyes that resembles her true style: cuffed, high-waisted, splattered jeans connected to suspenders, t-shirt topped with a blazer and boyish, bronze shoes. 


At a
press conference at the Four Seasons Hotel on November 6 in Beverly Hills 

Stewart wore a simple black dressed accented with a few dominant jewels that I fell in love with! Pairing it with a pair of opaque tights and a light load of accessories created a definite chic look. 


At a cast
tour at Hollywood & Highland on November 6 in Hollywood, California

Sticking to a basic, all-black outfit always produces an overall attractive appearance. Minor details like the satin trim in the blazer and the gathered, sequined side of the dress, along with its semi-sheer, rumpled bottom, don't distract our eyes but come together to display overall equality. 


      Hotel Crillon on
November 10 in Paris, France

     When I saw this I had to do a double-take. Looking angelic, Stewart stuck to an all-cream ensemble. The nude, peep-toe, platform heels that have captivated me from the first glance look flawless on Stewart, who has a very simple style that typically strays from bold accessories. 


fan event at Battersea Evolution on November 11 in London

Just as we began to applaud Stewart's for her transformation she blunders! Any of these two pieces, if worn alone, would be absolutely fine, but when combined it looks like a box of Crayola crayons exploded. The different textures, patterns and colors are irritating to the eyes and so each piece isn't appreciated as much as it should be. 


Villa Magna Hotel on November 12 in Madrid, Spain  

As a vampire-inspired assemblage, this dress with its sheer and leather upper-waist and solid black bottomed dress is perfectly matched with blood-red, platform heels. Her hair is a severe issue of mine, but let's not get into that. A perfect accessory with this outfit is Stewart's ivory skin tone.


  Fans event at Palacio de Vistalegre on November 12 in Madrid, Spain

 Stewart tucks a sheer, satin-striped blouse into a grey, plead-inspired skirt, finished off with black booties. This top, in my opinion is one of the hottest sheer pieces I've seen, but I think it hasn't been done any justice when paired with this skirt. The awkwardly placed satin blocks of the skirt seem to compete with the top rather than compliment it. 


An appearance on “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien” November 16 

How much more basic, yet sexy, could you possibly be than wearing a black-outlined, fitted, white dress paired with black pumps? Even though Stewart's pale skin blends in with the attire, she has the body to pull off this flaunting dress, and she continues to stay clear of bold, distracting accessories, which keeps the look very clean. 


Premiere on November 16 in Westwood, California 

What's this? Is Stewart in a full-length gown? Don't worry; your eyes are not playing any tricks on you! It will just take a minute to comprehend the fact that Stewart is gliding around in such a feminine look. I think this gown is leaning to the more awkward-looking side. She is a rugged tomboy who is trapped in a puffy dress. It would be one thing if it were a mermaid-style dress, or if it were even this exact dress but cut mid-thigh; however, this looks like a little girl playing dress up. Sorry Stewart, I know you tried!


The Regal
Benefit screening at Regal Cinemas at the Pinnacle 18 on November 17 in
Knoxville, Tennessee

Now this is a slight improvement of the previous gown, but it still is not cutting it for me. You simply can't force a style upon someone whose attire has always been of a different theme. The pattern of this dress is fine, but the cut and style of it irritates me. Her stylist obviously made a blunder here. But I must say, the shoes (that she wore in nude on November 10 in Paris) are HOT HOT HOT! So when pairing these two together—the innocent-cut dress with the platform heel—it is bound to look weird. 


Premiere at the Mann Village and Bruin Theaters on November 17 in
Westwood, California

Stewart ends my exam with a BANG! This dress may be her hottest one of the bunch. The one-sleeved, grey, white and red, multi-textured creation of beauty settles just perfectly with my eyes. You would think all the different elements thrown into one would cause irritation, but this combination is dead-on and flattering. 

Source: SCS

Photo Source: Wire Image, Kevin Winter of Getty Images

-Heather Youkhana

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