Lindsay Lohan—The Poison Ingredient—Is Wanted Out!

November 20, 2009 • Fashion


One would think that mixing in a celebrity, would in most cases, immediately revamp any clothing line that was in the midst of a decline; however, this couldn’t be further from the truth in Lindsay Lohan’s case. Lohan was hired by CEO Mounir Moufarrige as an artistic designer at Parisian fashion label, Emanuel Ungaro, which quickly morphed into such a controversial issue that lead designer Esteban Cortazar quit early this summer to keep away from Lohan.

As we all can remember, October served as one of the many embarrassing month of Lohan’s. When in Paris critics tore her contribution apart classifying it as a laughingstock.





The label’s chairman, Asim Abdullah, wants Lohan out immediately, especially because department stores across the nation have already told him that they will not purchase the line if her name is attached. The conditions of Lohan’s contract have yet been revealed; however, it is said to be seven figures. Without anything in his power, Ungaro himself—the man behind the label’s name—said, “[the label] is in the process of losing its soul.”

Source: NY Post

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-Heather Youkhana

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