WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

November 20, 2009 • Celebrity Style

Designers. We love their creations, we ooh and aah over their talent as they bring their art to life in gorgeous after gorgeous confection. But do they always nail a look themselves? This week invites avid fashion fans to think about that question in our WTF: Designer Edition.

Nanette Lepore at MoMa's Second Annual Film Benefit

Comment: Nanette Lepore has made a name for herself through the fun and flirty dress label that bears her name. And recently, she's been making headline in her attempts to save New York's Garment District. This look obviously supports the latter effort since the messy array of busy work on her dress —from ribbons to competing patterns to an asymmetrical hem—look, more like the work of a first year fashion student. Or an arts and crafts project that went horribly wrong.

She's Thinking: Save the students!

Donna Karan at Tivet House Benefit auction in New York

Comment: Few know how to enhance the beautiful curves and planes of a woman's body like Donna Karan. Yet we're all still waiting for her to practice what she preaches when we see her signature look of bumpy, frumpy layers. Karan sticks to her favorite elements like all black ensembles and big, chunky necklaces. But is it really necessary to pull out the harem pants, military boots, and industrial belt?  She resembles some stylish country's guerrilla warfare leader.

She's Thinking: Che had nothing on me.

Rebecca Minkoff at the Ripple of Hope Awards dinner in New York

Comment: We hate to say it Rebecca, but we really hope you don't quit your day job. The purse in this look is probably the best part of the outfit. Otherwise, the styling seems awkward and a little disjointed. The frothy, strapless dress would have been fine enough without the severity of the black tights. And those shoes! It's like she has two different outfits competing against each other, one from the waist up and one from the waist down, with the bag as the referee.

She's Thinking: Well, it's not like I design clothes!

Christopher Kane at the Prada book launch in London

Comment: It's not only female designers that are guilty of these fashion faux pas. British designer Christopher Kane's pieces can bring a tear to any style-savvy girl's eye. As can the pairing of his ensemble. The tailored blazer and crewneck shirt work well enough together but his too-tight velvety jeans are just an unflattering choice for below the belt. What happened to good old dark wash denim? Preferably in a men's size next time.

He's Thinking: I've decided to start modeling my own collections

Valentino at the Milan premiere of "Valentino: The Last Emperor"

Comment: We love Valentino and honestly, he can really do no wrong. But it was surprising to see his accessory of choice for the Milan screening of his film. Layered over his dapper suit was this scarf bearing a skull and crossbones motif. And though subtle, it stood out enough so that the elegance of his suit underneath was sadly overlooked. This may have very well been his intent but we still think it's a crime.

He's Thinking: Aaaaar matey!

Photo Source: wireimage
-Alia Rajput

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