Friends Speak Out About Dual Kim As Others Turn to Her Blog

November 24, 2009 • Breaking News


This week Russh magazine
acknowledged the tragic loss of model
Dual Kim, 20, who was found last week in
her apartment hanged. Police believe it to be a suicide but her friends, family
and everyone else is puzzled, wondering why she would resort to that.

All attention is focused on her blog, iliketoforkmyself,
where Kim usually posted about her loneliness and struggle with insomnia. Also,
she mentioned how she was tired from being overworked and the mood swings that
followed.  In a post in July she
explained the mood swings to be a reaction from a food allergy:
“Why me?
I never eat so much junk food, I don't drink like an alcoholic, I don't do
drugs, I don't party I'm so quiet and I don't starve myself.

Reassuring the public, she said she didn’t mean anything
literal about her blog name, but one of her first posts back in April of 2007
said differently: “My life as Dual was so miserable and lonely. Please join my
loneliness in another world. I love you all."
She quickly followed that
post with, “KIDDING. I'm fine. Just tired."

A friend of hers implied Kim’s
unhappiness with the job; "Her agency was often trying to get hold of her
on her mobile, but she refused to be available all the time."

Also, a model agent told Telegraph, “She was an excellent model, but she used to say
she had hard times off the job."

As a sudden and unfortunate loss,
Dual Kim was a rising face. She was described as Karl Lagerfeld’s new “muse” when
she shot an ad campaign for his most recent line of Chanel handbags a coupe
weeks ago. 

Source: NYmag

Photo Source: NYmag

—Heather Youkhana

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