Project Runway’s Dismal Season

November 24, 2009 • Lifestyle


Last week, Project Runway's season finale aired on Lifetime and for the first time in the show's six-season run, ratings were the lowest ever.

Thursday's episode was watched by 4.2 million, in comparison with 4.8 million who watched the season five finale on Bravo. And the rest of the season was no better. After its record-breaking season premiere attracted 4.2 million on August 20, a peak for both the series and its new home, the numbers dwindled by nearly a third. And this was only by the first few episodes!

Many are claiming the weird time travel affect as a reason why. Heidi Klum, in usual supermodel shape, had gotten pregnant in the interim and gave birth in early October, while guest judge Rebecca Romijn, who looked ready to pop, had her twins in December 2008. Another reason could be the locale (seriously, fashion NOT in New York?!) and ho-hum casting. There's only so many snarky comments from a designer with no personality a viewer can take.

Many know that this was part of the season that got caught in the court battle of the Weinstein Company making the move from the Bravo network to Lifetime. Lifetime snatched seasons 6 through 10 in April 2008 for a reported $200 million. But the show remained in limbo during the messy court battle, which resulted in a year long delay between filming in the fall of 2008 and the recent season debut.

Taneisha Jordan

Source: Entertainment Weekly, WWD
Photo: Associated Press

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