80s For The New Millenium

November 28, 2009 • Magazine

80s For The New Millenium

80s For The New Millenium

Sat, 2009-11-28 12:00

Simona Kogan

Haven’t gotten enough of the 80s look although it’s more than 2 decades old? No worries! Celebs haven’t either! The look is back in full force, with a modern twist, of course!

So throw on some leg warmers and your favorite lace headband, turn on the Flashdance soundtrack or pop in a New Order cassette (remember those?) then strut your stuff down the street in your favorite neon tee. Remember to kick it up a notch for the new millennium.

Don’t have the guts? No worries! Follow these celeb style tips and you’ll be rockin’ your own acid-wash jean jacket and fingerless gloves in no time!

Sequined Jackets
Billie Jean is not my lover. She’s just the girl that made Michael Jackson look oh-so-fashionable in his sequined attire for the MTV music video that started a style craze that hasn’t died down since.

Get it right like Lauren Conrad, who rocked hers with a mini shift in a muted pattern.

Try this: Sequin Boyfriend Jacket £70.00 (About $114)

You must be my lucky star. Because just like Madonna, you can rock fingerless lace gloves with ruffle skirts and camisoles so well.

But going overboard with a see-through lace dress is just a bit too much for my taste. I like tailored accessories like lace bracelets, bows and belts. Lace tights are ever so in and Taylor Swift has the look down pat. Just enough transparency without the overkill.

Try this: Givenchy Autumn Floral Lace Tights $18

Shoulder Pads
Oh Vicky, you’re so fine, you’re so fine, you blow my mind.

Ok, so that song’s not from the 80s. But the broad shoulder look is and Victoria Beckham works it so well—without the shoulder pads. Instead, she goes for the sculpted, pointy, sharp shoulder rock, and it’s working so well all the celebs are wearing them now (Gwyneth and Rihanna).

Do I sense a little Joan Collins in our midst? Circa 1980s Dynasty power dressing, of course. Maybe shoulder pads are not your thing, but get over it. Big shoulders are back in a big way.

Try this: Willow Wool-Detailed Zip Jacket $710

Members Only Jackets
“When you put it on, something happens!” Don’t know if you remember that phrase (I was only two around that time) but that’s what the Anthony Geary 1982 ads boasted about Members Only jackets that the LA Ray-Ban wearing prepster set were all so fond of back in the day.

Elasticized waists and zippered fronts tapered the trademark look as did hyper colors and snaps at the neck.

Make sure to wear something basic underneath.

Fergie wore them to four events in a row back in ’08 and they’re still going strong! Each nylon version with front zip detail and knit trim at the waist and wrists.

Try this: Members Only Gold Bomber Jacket $342.50

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