Finding The Fashionable (and Frugal) Hostess Gift

November 28, 2009 • Magazine

Finding The Fashionable (and Frugal) Hostess Gift

Finding The Fashionable (and Frugal) Hostess Gift

Sat, 2009-11-28 06:00

Rachel Yeomans

The holidays are officially among us. Christmas music is playing in department stores, The Nutcracker is selling out, and the holiday gift rush has commenced. However, many people forget about the most important gift during these times of socialization and cheer – and that is the hostess gift.

You are probably planning on attending at least one or two holiday parties. Some of you may even be overbooked on some nights for these soirees. And you would never dare walk into your host or hostesses house without at least a bottle of wine to extend your gratitude for the invitation. If you have a party next year, you want them to come, don’t you?

It’s already difficult budgeting for our regular Christmas gifts, and adding more to the list can be daunting. You don’t want to skimp on someone’s gift in order to make sure you have one for your hostess. But you also don’t want to suffer the embarrassment of the re-gift (unless of course, that is the theme).

Luckily you can be frugal and fashionably clever with your hostess gift!

First off, don’t be rote. Everyone gives candles, everyone gives wine, and everyone gives potpourri. These are gifts – they mean something to the person receiving them. They mean that you thought about the receivers likes and wants, and you took some care in selecting your item. So don’t restrict yourself from giving something a little more personal.

Second of all, don’t shy away from jewelry. If you know she loves a nice necklace or wears dangly earrings every time you see her, then what better gift to give her than a fun bauble? Plus, a sparkling costume necklace or statement earrings would be a very welcome surprise after slaving in the kitchen all day.

Some people may argue with me, but I would never think that the scarf is a cliché gift. Sure it’s quite common among gift-givers. But it’s always appreciated, and don’t we all need scarves? I personally don’t think one can ever have too many scarves, so I would never scoff at one tied up for me at the next holiday party I host. And since we’re talking scarves, why not a pretty pair of leather gloves? I’m not talking about warm useful gloves (remember, this is a “pretty” gift), but nice long leather gloves or opera gloves. Not many people think to buy a pair of classy finger-warmers and then the next time they’re getting ready to go to The Christmas Carol, they’re stuck with their mittens. Maybe this is your chance to change that!

And finally, nothing is as treasured as a brooch. You can put it on a sweater, on your pants or on your jacket. The gift of a glamorous brooch not only conveys to the hostess that she makes a statement in her gatherings and her demeanor, but that she can show off that statement in glittering style.

Happy holidays to you and to the hostesses in your future! Happy giving!

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