WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

November 30, 2009 • Celebrity Style

Fabiola Beracasa at a Giorgio Armani party in New York

Comment: The Addams Family may be debuting in Chicago this month, but artist Beracasa is channeling the same spooky, ooky vibe at Armani in New York. Lace patterned tights are enough of a statement by themselves. But when involved in an actual  body stocking, the lacy look goes from semi-glamorous to gruesomely goth.

She's Thinking: I'm creepy and I'm kooky….

Rihanna at her 'Rated R' album release party in New York

Comment: Our favorite fashion risk taker usually has more hots than misses. But this spiky, skin-toned frock is definitely not in the book of bests. The texture on the dress keeps in step with the singer's rock n' roll style, but the fact that the dress matches not only with her exact skin tone, but also her new (and not so flattering blond locks) makes her appear muddled and washed out, even with the bright red lip.

She's Thinking: Blonde's do have more fun.

(Australian) Rihanna at the ARIA awards in Sydney

Comment: Ok, so after seeing this Aussie celeb with the same name, we're all of a sudden a little more grateful for our version of Rihanna. At least she doesn't look like she just popped out of a cake.

She's Thinking: She and I are practically twins!

Tracey Emin at the after party for "Nowhere Boy" in London

Comment: Classic example of when a good dress goes bad with a quilty, patchwork pattern, an awkward below the knee length, and—of course—the addition of cowboy boots. In London, no less.

She's Thinking: You never know when you may need to honky tonk!

Claudia Schiffer at a Swarovski cocktail reception in London

Comment: Few people can flaunt how amazing they look at their age like Schiffer can. So one would think then, that she would at least dress within a decade or so of her actual age, instead of her children's. This Pollyanna getup doesn't do the former model justice of the sleek, and sophisticated style that she's earned the right to have after all her years in the biz.

She's Thinking: I got this out of my daughter's closet, isn't it "rad"?

— Alia Rajput

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  1. Anna says:

    Rihana’s style is definitely fierce but sometimes I find it to be a little over the top and loud.

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