WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

December 7, 2009 • Celebrity Style

Paris Hilton at the Macy's launch of her 'Siren' fragrance in Glendale

Comment: As cute as you think you are Paris, few people can pull off a Santa suit in Macy's if they're not the big guy himself. And though you seem to do well with hawking products with your face on them, we're guessing you won't be inviting children up onto your lap anytime soon. It's just as well, you're not exactly the best role model out there anyway.

She's Thinking: Ho, ho, ho(e)!

Aretha Franklin at the 32nd Kennedy Center Honors in Washington D.C.

Comment: We love you Aretha and your famously buxom, bountiful shape. But we would have liked to see someone hold your coat while you posed for pictures to avoid this sloppy fashion mishap. Between the coat, scarf, bag, and heavy swaths of dress fabric, Franklin has fallen victim to what Project Runway would call, " a lot of look."

She's Thinking: See, I'm not a diva. I don't even need a coat check.

Kim Cattrall at the Marrakech Film Festival Opening Ceremony in Marrakech

Comment: Kim must have heard the word 'Marrachech', and immediately run out to buy the first pair of harem pants she could find. They wouldn't even be so bad if she hadn't then tucked her blousey top into the pants, which results in the most unflattering, high-waisted silhouette. What would Samantha say?!!

She's Thinking: I need to define my own sense of (bad) style.

Helen Mirren at the Women in Film and TV awards in London

Comment: She may have fun an armload of awards for playing the Queen, but it seems Helen Mirren has become victim to a bit of "Daniel Day" syndrome and channeled the British monarch's style into her own. Surely there's no other logical reason why the acclaimed actress, the epitome of style and grace for her age group, would resort to this wallpaper print dress, matronly hemline, and (gasp) open-toed sandals with tights. Someone please shake her out of Buckingham Palace mode!

Comment: This is the hottest style in orthopedic heels!

Alesha Dixon at the FM Capital Jingle Bell Ball in London

Comment: It's officially holiday concert season and in the States, that means an impeding, violent revolution in pantslessness. Yet over in the UK, it seems their most common fashion offender comes in the form of the dreaded figure skating tights. It's shown up on many a so-called style setter and we just cant seem to figure out the appeal. Unless, like in Dixon's case with her metallic taffeta ruffles, your intention is to channel the dazzling persona of a holiday Rockette. Hit it!

She's Thinking: Radio City Music Hall's got nothing on me.

Photo Source: wireimage
—Alia Rajput

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