WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

December 11, 2009 • Celebrity Style

Kate Moss at the British Fashion Awards in London

Comment: So it's the British Fashion Awards. Vivienne Westwood looked edgy and fab, Posh looked, uh posh, and Kate Moss looked like this. It looks like she decided to combine each style she's embodied over the years—from glamorous to sophisticated to rockstar—into one look, but wound up with a big old mess. That train is way too long and unnecessary to begin with. Sheer panels, and ruffles and polka dots should never be invited to a party together. And what is up with those shoes?!!

She's Thinking: Oh yeah, I look awesome.

Dancers from the film Nine at the 2009 Dubai International Film Festival

Comment: I realize these girls are not exactly of celeb caliber but I just had to throw them on here because of how clueless they appear to be. Hello! You are in Dubai. Why wear the most provocative thing you can find, including bare legs and (ugh) midriff in a notably conservative country? Yes, shoulders and arms were displayed by Arab film stars present but these girls were the only ones with mini skirts and plunging necklines on the red carpet. Way to make an impression for America, ladies.

They're Thinking: Wait, this doesn't look like L.A.

Devin Aoki at the Kilimanjaro Pre-Ascent Event in West Hollywood

Comment: Now Devin, we realize you've been off the scene for awhile. We sadly haven't seen you modeling or in any movies lately. But these days, it's not that groovy to wear velvet, tapestry-printed pants. Even if they do match your  velvet bat wing blouse (which we're not a fan of either). And as a more petite model, we shouldn't have to tell you that those hideous pants are also too long. Where's your samurai swords from Sin City these days? We could really put them to good use with this outfit.

She's Thinking: Can you dig it?

Juliana Margulies at the 29th Annual Muse Awards in New York

Comment: When someone is as pale as Juliana, colors should be picked carefully, to play up the soft and delicate beauty of the pallor. Especially when a fair skin tone is paired with hair as dark as hers. what's the worst thing you can do? Choose a flat, monochromatic palette a few shades away from your skin tone and then cover yourself completely in it. Besides looking jaundiced and washed out, you also appear to be naked (or at least topless) at first glance. 

She's Thinking: I look like I belong in the ER

Ellen Hollman at the 2nd Annual Young Hollywood Golden Globes party in Hollywood

Comment: Bravo to Ellen for landing an invite to such a prestigious event. Now, can someone please buy her a stylist? If she picked the awful color combination of this red and turquoise ensemble, and if she had even the tiniest amount of say in choosing that dress, then the sooner she's prevented from dressing herself the better. Such is often the case with Young Hollywood today—give them a credit card and they become a fashion liability.

She's Thinking: I've, like, arrived!

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-Alia Rajput

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