Breaking News. CEO Leaves Emanuel Ungaro, Lohan Still Employed

December 16, 2009 • Breaking News

Mounir Moufarrige

Well, we can't exactly say we're surprised. After being the one to bring on Lindsay Lohan as artistic adviser to the Emanuel Ungaro label, after assuring the media that her involvement would be beneficial, after trying to quell the noise of her disastrous fashion show, it seems Mounir Moufarrige knows when he's been beat. Moufarrige declared today that he would be resigning as CEO for the Ungaro house. WWD reported that Lohan will still be employed at he house despite Moufarrige's departure, and that his leaving is seemingly not credited to her. According to WWD, "In a brief statement, Ungaro said Moufarrige would continue to advise
the company as a member of its strategic committee, but that he was
"withdrawing" from an operational role to devote more time to his other
businesses, which include U-Boat and Welder, two fast-growing Italian
watch companies.

So what's worse than having Lohan as an artistic adviser at your label? Having her running the whole show??? But fear not—the general manager and 18 year Ungaro veteran Marie Founrier will step up and assume all supervising duties until another CEO can be named. But the whole fashion world has been left scratching their perfectly coiffed heads thinking, if Moufarrige was the only one that seemed to have faith in Lohan's presence, why did he jump ship? And furthermore, what will happen to this flailing label now that he's gone and she's still here? We're not ready to imagine the worst yet but just hope that, with fall fashion show season approaching, they have some seriously redeeming plans.

Article Source: WWD
Photo Source: NY Mag
-Alia Rajput

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