2009 Year End Review: What Not To Wear

December 27, 2009 • Magazine

2009 Year End Review: What Not To Wear

2009 Year End Review: What Not To Wear

Sun, 2009-12-27 02:00

Simona Kogan

Yes, we all know a year end review means taking in the best of style this year had to offer. But what about the fashion faux-pas we saw? With the good style also comes the bad, and celebs made a lot of fashion mistakes this year. (And we’re not talking Shakira’s nude-colored body suit in the She-Wolf video.)

Spandex leggings, too tight tees, clunky shoes, feathers and fatigues. The list goes on and on and on. But here are the worst fashion faux-pas of the year:

Belly Shirts

Let me just put it straight out there. Bare belly crop tops are a no-no. Sure, we get it. You’ve been working out and you want to show off your flat stomach and your two-pack abs. But keep it for your boyfriend. We’re not against stars like Daisy Lowe and Ashlee Simpson flaunting their tiny figures in belly shirts and high-waist skirts, but some things are better left unsaid. The biggest faux-pas we saw this year. Rihanna’s sequined midriff top, parka with fur hood, and Mouseketeer newsprint jeans. Next time, leave it at home.

Lace Tights

Lace is for romantic tops, layers and maybe sleeves if you can pull it off right. They’re not for the legs. Period. Taylor Swift looks like she tried to rip up her tights one day and place flowers on them. Miley Cyrus, whatever punk femme grunge look you’re going for, it’s just not working. Taylor Swift, are you really trying so hard to lose that good girl image? And do any of you young girls really think lace tights look that good? You might as well be flaunting the hairnets my high school cafeteria server used to wear as she dished out the daily meatloaf.


We get it, Lady Gaga. You’re trying to make a statement with your outrageous style. Trying to be deviate from the norm. Veils are for weddings, not for awards shows. It looks like the singer covered her head with the lace stockings we just groveled about in the last paragraph. Really, it was an Erickson Beamon lace headpiece, but who really cares. She looked awful. The Marc Jacobs wardrobe and John Galliano didn’t do anything to deviate from the hideous getup. Here’s what Lady Gaga did teach us, though. Don’t try this at home.


I’m just not a fan of anything fur — especially the latest: faux-fur vests on Lindsay Lohan and Rachel Zoe, furry-covered parka hoods on Rihanna, boots with fur on Mariah Carey and Kate Hudson, and fur trimmed wool jackets on Chloe Sevigny. Fur, to me, says gaudy Russian grandmother or better yet, celeb who wants to flaunt the fact they have uber cash. So even Victoria Beckham can throw on a “luxurious” fur coat and still look tacky. And we thought Posh Spice would never look bad.


We’re already not big on Mariah Carey’s too-tight jeans, parka coats, and puffer jackets, nor are we a fan of her too-high stilettos. What could be the already affronting fashion faux-pas even worse? Adding fringe to her boots. It’s like a cross between cowboy casual and 60s freak. I mean, back in February, when Interview magazine interviewed Mary-Kate Olsen about her fashion empire, she told them her first favorite fashion items were spandex shorts and fringe. This was when she and her sister wore matching floral shirts and overalls. Enough said.

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