A Toast To Transitional Trends: Taking 2009 Into 2010 (And Beyond)

December 27, 2009 • Magazine

A Toast To Transitional Trends: Taking 2009 Into 2010 (And Beyond)

A Toast To Transitional Trends: Taking 2009 Into 2010 (And Beyond)

Sun, 2009-12-27 02:00

Dear Bean:

I have a tradition every year with my girlfriends of shopping the huge sales after the holidays. Usually I end up being so overwhelmed with finding the perfect items with the best sales price, that I end up buying what I don’t really want or with something that goes out of style. I think if I go with a solid plan of what to buy, I may have a more productive shopping experience this year. Do you have any suggestions on trends/items I should look for to make worthwhile post-holiday shopping purchases?

Overwhelmed Shopper

Dear Overwhelmed:

Sometimes the idea of shopping is indeed more productive than the actual act of shopping. And it seems that you have experienced this first-hand! What I suggest is to focus on the trends of 2009 that will carry over to 2010 – that way you can get “it” items utilizing your holiday gift cards while taking advantage of post-holiday sales!

Here are some trends that I see sticking around through the New Year and beyond:

1. The Infinity Scarf I have never been so excited about a trend in my life as I am with the infinity scarf. An item that you can wear several different ways and never flies off your neck in the wind is to me as ingenious as the convertible dress! This 2009 phenomenon is not going anywhere and I’d snag a few of those to wear throughout the upcoming seasons.

2. Over-the-knee Boots 2007 brought forth the “trend” of the knee-high boot, 2008 applauded the bootie, and 2009 deemed that thigh-high boots were not in a class of trashy, but rather a class of trendy. With the uber-cute slouchy thigh-high boot or the streamlined classic black heel thigh-high, I don’t see these lovely footwear items going anywhere next year except in your closet.

3. Not Your Traditional Sweater It seems that people have finally caught on to the genius of the merger between the cardigan and the shawl (a.k.a. the cardigan wrap) – in my opinion, you can never have enough of this ingenious, transitional, fashionable and comfortable clothing item. And Mr. Rogers may have started the grandfather sweater trend back in the day, but this is the year that it truly caught on with the fashionable female crowd. And why cut short a good thing? With leggings, a skinny belt and great statement earrings or a long chain necklace, and you have a fashion forward look to take you through the New Year.

4. Leggings Yes, leggings have been around for much longer than a year, but this past summer is the first warm season I have seen with nary a bare leg in sight, but rather many leggings underneath mini skirts and bohemian dresses with ballet flats. Therefore, make sure to pick up several pairs of these leg-covering wonders as they most surely will last you many seasons – both warm and cold.

And my final pointer before your post-holiday shopping extravaganza: If you see something and your stomach lurches with excitement, don’t ignore it just because it’s not on your list. You just spent months saving up to buy those you love and care about precious gifts this holiday season. This is your turn – reward yourself!

1. Twisted Sister Scarf, $24.99
2. Bop Basics Cashmere Tube Scarf, $175
3. Michael Antonio Women’s Mckay Boot, $69.95
4. Brian Atwood Jamie Suede Boots, $1235
5. Chloé Striped Cashmere Cardigan, $995
6. Splendid Asymmetric Thermal Cardigan, $77
7. Make it Snappy Leggings, $29.99

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