Can your BBF pick up my RTW LBD & OTK? Kthxbye

January 4, 2010 • Fashion


Fashion journalists are like teenagers, so to speak. We must keep up with the current trends, are quick to point out old and dated, and apparently, we are prone to use acronyms just as a teenager would. OMG, LOL, BRB, WTF… who knew what these acronyms meant ten years ago. Now, you cannot turn a head with hearing one of these cringe-worthy phrases.

Well according to some insiders, they believe that the fashion industry has gotten in on the crazy.  LBD being the most well known of the best because every woman needs a "little black dress". But there are also the new additions which have been popping up for the holiday season, like OTK  ("over the knee", which is mainly applied to boots but can also be applied to hemlines) and LSD (not the drug, silly… your special holiday "little sequined dress").

Here are just a few more to keep you abreast of the nonsense everyone is saying:

BCBG: Bon Chic, Bon Genre

FCUK: French Connection United Kingdom (this is a clothing line, please stop spelling it the other way)

GLAM: Glamourous Luxurious Amazing Merchandise

RTW: Ready to Wear 

TFFF: too fat for fashion (!!!!!)

VPL: visible panty line 

VBL: visible bra line

VBS: visible bra strap 

Are there any more you can think of?

-Taneisha Jordan


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