Celebrity Trends. 2009 Year in Review: Stellar Sequins

January 4, 2010 • Celebrity Style

It was the year of the sequin! Celebs certainly sparkled in 2009, whether it was glittery eye make up or a little black number.  But sequins aren't so easy (think Rihanna with her sparkly midriff top and newsprint pants) and the ones that stood out that knew how to do it well, in a way that made a mark but didn't go too far. Here are our very own newly created Sequin Awards, devoted to the very best in sparkle beauty. 

Best Sequins on a Little Black Dress: Natalie ImbrugliaSequinsnatalieimbruglialittleblackdress
You think she'd let that all-black ensemble including a cute black sequined shift speak for itself, but Natalie upped the ante with suede boots, a Balmain tux jacket and a mini Chanel bag. 

Best Sequins Other Than Black or Silver: Eva Mendes


We've seen our share of celebs with black and silver sequins. It's practically required for sequins! Unless you're Eva Mendes, that is.  Eva changes it up with this beautiful, colorful and amazingly sexy multicolored plunging pailette dress from Chris Benz's Spring '10 collection.  The change-up occurs with Brian Atwood pumps.

Best Mixed Sequins: Lily Allen


It's not the black and white that makes this unique mix of statement sequins on Lily Allen.  It's the mix of feathers and shine! Special guest at the Chanel runway show in Paris for Spring '10, Lily Allen wows the crowd with more then just her singing and we applaud Karl Lagerfeld's amazing mixed sequined Chanel creation! 

Best Light Sprinkling of Sequins: Taylor Swift Taylorswiftantikbantiksequinshoulders
Blink and you might just miss it! Taylor Swift shines in a black Antik Bantik dress, but barely shows off the sparkle.  You'll find it on her padded shoulders and the light sprinkle of a sequin lining on her collar.  We love it anyway.  

Best All Sequins All The Time: Beyonce Knowles
I don't think you're ready for this jelly! Bootylicious Beyonce is prone to wearing all sequins all the time to cover her–ahem–assets.  A night out with husband Jay-Z in London in November was no exception.  The singer was seen wearing sequined leggings with a visible panty line. Everything else from her shoes to her sunglasses had sequins, too.

Best Sequins Comeback: Mariah Carey
I'm not a Mariah Carey fashion fan. This singer likes to wear everything from puffer jackets to cowboy boots with fringe. So I'm not at all surprised to see her in sequins. But I am surprised this gown looks so good! This gown was obviously tailored to Mariah's body and fits to perfect. Now if she could just take off that marabou shrug…

Best Worst Use of Sequins: Natalie VodianovaSequinsnataliavodianovasequinedblazerleathergloves
No, no, no, no, no! You wear sequins on your blazer but you throw off the dressy look by pairing it with jeans. You wear more sparkle under sparkle! (Check out that sequined midriff top.) Then, you add more strange to an already strange look by adding long leather gloves to the mess. I'll have to give it to you, Natasha.  Definitely best worse use of sequins, and you beat out Beyonce and Rihanna, natch!

Photos: Fabsugar, Glamour.uk, People.com, Entertainmentwise.com

—Simona Kogan

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