Paris Hilton’s Footwear Line Preview and Why She’s Getting Sued

January 5, 2010 • Fashion

The preview of Paris Hilton’s footwear line pleases many with its wide range of selection. She incorporated high-heel gladiators, retro prints of bright neon colors and metallic leathers. The first thing I looked at was the platform, which is low for my taste. Could it be because she’s tall and wants girls that height to rock a decent shoe? Possibly. I’m on the short side coming in at 5’4” and prefer that extra boost to lengthen my legs.


If you look closely at the insole you can see the heart- shaped comfort pad so women “can dance all night long” according to Hilton. Well that heart caused major controversy when Gwyneth Shoes tried to sue Hilton for trademark and patent infringement. Apparently, Hilton’s pads were too similar to those of Gwyneth Shoes. It’s the inside for crying out loud! Gwyneth is asking a judge for an unspecified amount of money and attorneys are asking Hilton to hand over any shoe that has that pink heart on it.

Those are the details as of now and we will continue to report any following information. In the meantime, if you have heart-shaped pads at home already, cut them into circles to steer clear of lawsuits. Yea right.

The shoes that are produced by Antebi Footwear average about $89 and are available at independent retailers and department stores.

Source: WWD, NY Mag

Photo Source: WWD

Heather Youkhana

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  1. Jeff Awesome says:

    It’s a shame Paris Hilton doesn’t share the same style as the city of Paris.

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